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Ghost Makes Me Cum

Sending her boyfriend off after he drains his cock inside her, you're now left with just her... and her wet pussy... unsatisfied. He left her with all those toys, but totally not finished. She jokes with him as he leaves, that it's fine. But she only says that because she knows... you're still in the room, "big, bad ghosty". She's thrilled to be alone with you, and even more so because she knows you saw the poor excuse of a man she has. She takes off her panties, revealing that wet pussy... and tells you she wants your help. You dive right in to play, and then begin moving her hands around. Being a ghost has its downfalls, but you can still push her hand onto different toys or make her slap herself, bring about that good orgasm through all that moaning and begging. After trying each toy, you know that double penetration is the one for this slut... and she lets you do it all!

Masturbation Anal Orgasms Orgasm Control SciFi


Fucking My Holes To Orgasm

It's been way too long since I plugged up both of my tight holes! My pussy and ass hole need to be full, and they need to get me to the ultimate DP orgasm that I've been wanting. The vibrating, penetrating pussy toy couples with the glass anal toy... to make the BEST orgasm yet!

Masturbation Anal Vibrator Glass Dildo Toys High Heels


Fuck My Ass, Baby

You walk in on her doing yoga... you almost say something, but would rather enjoy the view quietly as your cock gets harder and harder with each stretch and bend. When she spots you, she smiles. Your bulging pants let her know that you're enjoying all of this, and she wants to see it! Pull your cock out and shove it in her ass hole. She is CRAVING cock in that tight hole!

Masturbation Dirty Talk Anal Ass Fetish Glass Dildo Asshole Fetish Ass Spreading


Come Get Some Stinkies

You LOVE my farts, don't you? You caught me on a good night. These are extra funky and ready to be in your face. You love the smell, the way my ass hole spreads wide open for you to get a closeup and sniff. You like that! Come closer, just plant yourself here for all that extra funk.

Ass Fetish Smell Fetish Asshole Fetish Ass Spreading Farting


Closer To God Strokes MP4

Naughty boy... Mom has plans for you today. She has brought you to the home of THE superior nun at school. You are horrified to be in her own personal space, but also immediately turned on when you see that she is sitting on the island in her kitchen... skirt hiked up and her long, lovely legs exposed... Bible in hand, peeking out at you over her glasses. Your Mother being there doesn't seem to deter the hard-on that you get, and that doesn't go unnoticed. The nun and Mom have a handle on this, as they intend to discipline you through interesting means. You must STROKE in front of them, relieve yourself of the sin in front of the two women you should be completely embarrassed to do it in front of... but... your cock is so confused... and instantly rises even further to attention. This clip features the amazing Vera Price! You can follow her on Twitter @YourGoddessVera

Taboo Momma's Boy CEI JOI FemDom Double Domination Blasphemy/Religious Nun Fetish

Featuring: Vera Price


Blackmailing Your Future Step-Mom

You've called in an escort to your hotel room. You planned this out weeks ago, when you found her online... not active, but you saw her profile. It was the woman that your father has been dating. She hasn't met you yet, and you only know her from a photo you peeked at on his phone. Walking in, she admits that she isn't doing this anymore... but needed the money, and you were offering so much. Well, here she is, and you admit to her that you're her fiancee's son. She decides she's going to leave, but you tell her that you'll very quickly give your father a call if she does. So she stays. You tell her to get on the bed and do as you say, OR ELSE. You tell her to strip for you. From there, you instruct her to act out what her lover does to her - your dad. You want to know what kind of man he is with her, with women... She is so sexy, and your cock gets rock hard. You ask her if it looks just like your dad's cock. And you continue asking... telling her what to do... until you blow.

Masturbation Taboo Momma's Boy Cuckolding Cheating Blackmail Fantasy FinDom



You SAY that you want to take care of me. You send me sweet messages or buy my videos or tribute... but you're aren't listening to what I need, not willing to REALLY make me happy. And you know this is all fake - these tits. Don't you think it would make me much happier if you ACTUALLY gave me some TITS? You know that it's all I've been wanting all these years. I work and I pamper YOU with all this awesome content. What do I get? "Oh Ivy, you're the best!" Not good enough. You know that, deep down inside.

Cock Tease FemDom FinDom Bratty


Becoming A Girl For Her

Your girlfriend loves you. She can't see herself with anyone else. There's a problem though... she has finally realized that she is a lesbian. You feel sad about this, but not for long, because she says that it will all be okay... There need to be some changes though. To start, YOU need to be more of a female for her. She only wants to be with women, so you will have to compromise. Smiling and giddy, she hands over a dress, bra, panties, and heels for you. After all is put on, you're going to rub your clit just like her!

Feminization GFE Gender Transform Sissification Lesbian


Armpit Shower Tease and Shave

It's been about two weeks, and I haven't had a chance to shave at all. My armpits are so hairy, and I really love it... but I have to shave them again. It's just been too long! Enjoy them one last time before I have to shave them... let me show you them, gets them all soapy... caress for you...

Cock Tease Armpits Hairy Shower


Anal with Ken

My boyfriend Ken is in for quite the surprise! I'm all about shrinking him down just to torture him in my bed for a while. There's so much I can do... but seeing him so small, but just the right size... makes me horny! I just can't help but do naughty things with him. After kissing and sucking his face, I want to spit on him and get him inside my pussy fast. It doesn't take too long for me to want to switch it up though and press his head inside my ass hole. Feel that clenching around your face, Ken... my ass hole is so tight, who knows if you'll make it to my orgasm!

Odd Insertions Anal Doll Fetish Licking Spitting


Desk Popping Babe

POP! Hard-working with her pen and paper - POP! - you can watch this babe and stroke as much as you want. She won't - POP! - do anything but sit quietly for you and POP! Mmmm those big ones, those little ones, the lovely curls and crop top... perfect!

Cock Tease Bubble Gum Chewing Mouth Fetish Lipstick


Your Jizz-Guzzling Secret

We have such a great relationship, and I always thought communication was perfect. You've been keeping a secret though. I was actually worried you might be cheating on me, so I had to do some sneaking around to figure out what was going on. Why did you want to keep something from me, something so big? I'm talking about the fact that you've been going to the bathroom for a while after we have sex. I wondered if you were calling a girl or watching porn or something, but no... I saw that you were eating the cum that you'd blasted out during our amazing nights of sex. You were either gulping from condoms or wiping your cock and licking your fingers clean. Look, I know you might think you should be shy about it... but don't be. I LOVE IT. I want you to show me now, right in front of me. Mmmm, come on, baby... eat that cum for me.

Masturbation CEI JOI Hot Wife Cum Swallower


Tesla Snuggly Love

Love my little Tesla doll - he's so snuggly and soft, so easy to touch and play with whenever I want a good doll to love. In this clip, I stroke his soft hair and body before he shows ME some love of his own :)

Taboo Smothering Doll Fetish Lingerie Pussy Eating


Stunt Cock Hopeful

I'll be honest, I've been looking for someone to film with the last few months. I mean, I film with women all the time... but it's really hard to find a cock for videos! You would think it would be a simple task, but it's not. I don't really know what to do, because I want to work with someone I'm comfortable with, someone comfortable on camera... really any male that I can play around with, he has to have a certain thing about him. Oh... you? You want to work with me? Hm. Well, I don't know about that. I guess you can show me what you're working with, and then I can go from there. So go on, let's see it.

JOI SPH Tease Rejection


Step-Mommy Always Wanted A Girl

Happy Birthday, my sweet little... one... I should tell you something on this special day. I'll tell you about when I met your Step-Father, and what I told him my intentions were from the get-go. He knew I wanted to be impregnated, but I specifically wanted a girl. Of course I love you... but I've always wanted a little girl! I've been dropping hints for you, but you seem to think all the panties and dresses on your bed are mine. No dear... I've been getting those for YOU. The problem is that I had hoped you'd have decided to have a sex change by now, or at least accept that you may be questioning your gender. As I deal more and more with "boy" things in your puberty, it makes me more and more want a girl. Let's work on that, shall we? Put on that dress, panties, and little bra. We can talk about future birthdays and presents that will be great for your future as a girl. Let's talk about how you use the bathroom and how you take care of yourself in your bedroom... during this transitional phase. Let's explore!

Taboo Momma's Boy Feminization Gender Transform Coerced Bi Sissification


Your Curious Therapist - SPH

You were referred by someone who had a strange fetish, though different from your own. You know that this therapist can help you... in whatever way she can... which is all exciting to you. Anyway, she's such a tease in her sexy outfit! She knows how it feels having an odd fetish, and she wants you to feel comfortable discussing it. You're a little shy, but she doesn't think you should be. As per what you wrote for your size cock, she just doesn't believe it. She knows what the average size cock is and can't even begin to imagine that you're even any smaller that that. It's one of those "see it to believe it moments", and you are encouraged to show it. When you do, she is kind of horrified. It's a bit scary to her. All this build up, and it's pretty clear that you are definitely that size... even with some teasing, you're at your biggest. This makes her believe she may NOT be the therapist for you, hm?

SPH Therapist Fishnets Dangling


Your Curious Therapist - CEI

When this therapist sits in front of you, you are floored by how hot she is in the skimpy outfit and crazy heels. She gets right into the reason you came in... and now you're feeling a bit shy about it. Maybe you expected some older woman with gray hair and a pantsuit, or maybe you just didn't expect someone so over the top smoking hot... She wants to know if you're lying, right off the bat. After doing her own research online prior to your arrival, she found that most men who say they enjoy eating cum are either gay (and it would make so much sense, she says) or they enjoy the build up but never follow through. Considering you said you were straight, this is making her quite skeptical. In order to continue, she needs to know if she's treating someone with a legitimate interest in eating cum... or a liar.

CEI JOI Therapist Cum Swallower


Your Continued Chastity

You know, I wasn't really sure how you were going to respond to all of this - I'm surprised... impressed... in your ability to stay locked up so long. It's been a WHILE, hm? Just listen to my direction, like a good partner. I can't believe you've stuck it out. As a reward, let's get you filling that cock cage up with cum. I found a toy that's perfect for replacement - a cock that actually looks like the kind of cock I want inside of me.

Masturbation Chastity Hot Wife


Your Bubble Gum Fetish

Your girlfriend has been such a cunt, and it's only just starting to hit you. It's a pity really, because she's so hot. Still, you know you can do better. You're thinking it's just about time to move on. However, you've always had a fetish that you wanted to explore with her. Maybe, just maybe, she would do this with you before it's too late? Admitting to some sexual appeal to a girl blowing bubble gum, she laughs in your face. This has got to be the last straw... She doesn't care. You've wasted so much time. In an instant, the lights flicker and a strike of lightning hits the house... Waking up after being knocked out, you're surprised to see your girlfriend looking different. She's dressed up in really sexy lingerie, teasing you in some sexy pink heels. To top it off, she's blowing bubble gum! Your cock is instantly hard. That storm must have caused some kind of crazy reaction to her brain... You don't know what happened, but you're going to enjoy this! She desperately wants you inside of her, and she wants to pop bubbles in your face while you fuck her tight pussy.

Bubble Gum Chewing Panty Fetish GFE Magic


Tutoring A Little Dick Idiot

Wait... did you just ask me that? Oh god, I know your parents are paying me for tutoring, but you know that what you just asked if the stupidest question ever? Ugh... finals are right around the corner. You better get to some serious studying. I don't have time to answer your silly questions. WOW. You really think we're going to fuck because your parents paid me for tutoring services? Eh. Let's think that one through. NO. Oh, really? Pull your cock out? Jesus... that's what you're trying to push on me? That is SAD. So not only are you an IDIOT, you have a LITTLE DICK? Oh man, you're one unlucky fucker.

SPH Rejection Humiliation


The Worst Kind of Gay

I'm aware of what others think about, although admittedly men are very easy to understand without even bothering to try. They think about all sorts of things they want to do to women, all sorts of things they could do to them... and they think about men, too. You are no exception. I'm sure you've had plenty of thoughts about other men. Yes, of course you have... you're REALLY into men. Oh yes, that makes sense. All of those depraved thoughts... Oh, but... this is interesting. I can sense it already. You've been thinking extra disturbing thoughts. How you could possibly put your mind there? Oh, of course, you have a dick. That clears it up. You've been thinking about... YOUR BROTHER? Jesus Christ, that's the worst sort of disgusting. You truly are a pathetic creature.

Taboo FemDom Coerced Bi Humiliation


The Long Tease

You're going to love this. You've got your cock out already, but don't get too ahead of yourself. You will love the build up, if you just wait for it. I'm going to whisper in your ear at first, moan, tell you what you want... just to get started. Let's get that cock excited to have invested in this clip. You'll be so pleased, but so willing to at least try to make it through the entire 22 minutes of hot entertainment and teasing to the finale. After our whispers, I'll step back to show you my outfit... talk you into a frenzy as I take clothing off slowly... slowly... teasing more... licking my lips and talking about how you can stroke at whatever pace you want... BUT do you want to miss the big finale? It's so much more fun if you wait it out. Don't you want to see what happens next?

Cock Tease Dirty Talk ASMR Strip Tease Lingerie Edging


Stretching and Yawning In Bed

Waking up bright and early, I love stretching in my bed in yoga pants and tank top. This is my comfort spot, my favorite place... and I'm inviting you in on that :) Watch me as I yawn and yawn, rubbing my eyes to wake up more, getting deep into some nice wake-up stretching. Mmmm.

Stretching Yawning


Shhh... Dont Tell

You ask your sister if you can see her naked. Surprisingly, she's totally cool with this! However, your parents are in the other room. This is EXTRA naughty, hm?! She tells you that you have to strip as she is though, because she's a bit shy.

Cock Tease Dirty Talk Taboo Sisters Strip Tease


Russian Interrogation

Ahh look, you're awake now. Do you remember how you got here? No, it's very unlikely that you do. Right now, you're mine. By the time I'm through with you, you'll want to chop your cock off. WHY ARE YOU IN RUSSIA? Do not tell me it is because of a "family vacation" - this is fake, this is lies. Putin has sent me specifically to make you TALK. Sure, you'll have some fun for a little while, having this sexy Russian woman hovering above you. Your dick will get so rock hard, even as I gag and beat you... but after so much anguish, you will start to cry. Your body will shut down. But me? I could go on for days and days. I'm not even going to touch that pathetic thing in your pants - I'm going to whip your thighs raw. You will survive this, sure... but you'll be living without your cock when it's all said and done. There will be no purpose to your already pathetic life. Enjoy this while you can. It probably won't last long.

FemDom Penectomy Super Villain Interrogation


I Hate Rompers

If the title didn't explain this well enough, I HATE rompers. They never look that great on, and I can't stand the whole ridiculous trend of the damn thing. When I was given a whole bag of rompers from a friend, I decided that they desperately needed to be SHREDDED. No more rompers!

Confessions Clothes Destruction


Heels, Fishnets, and Steel

Yep, this clip includes stilettos, fishnet stockings, and cold hooked steel right in my pussy! I can't WAIT to feel this fucking my tight pussy hard in that perfect spot.

Masturbation Fishnets Toys High Heels Steel Toy


Goth Girl Cums

Catsuit, black boots, black hair, and black lipstick... watch this goth girl with a vibrator through her catsuit, giving you nasty looks while she enjoys herself.

Masturbation Vibrator Hitachi Catsuit Goth


Get Real: GFE

As part of my series where I give my opinion and feelings towards fetishes, this one is about the GFE category. I've been involved in this category for a long time, and found that it was so easy for me to slip into it with little effort - whereas, my personal life reflects the opposite.

Dirty Talk Confessions GFE


Foamy Toothbrushing

Not only do you gawk at girls while they're brushing their teeth, you stroke your cock thinking about how messy it COULD be. Well, I make sure to really foam my mouth up by brushing for a while, spitting some, letting it dribble down, and continuing in the very messy cycle.

Mouth Fetish Cum Swallower Toothbrushing


Flirting With The Wrong Girl

You wake up locked up in a room and bound. You're on the floor, feeling like . The woman above you must have led you on, and she confirms this by letting you know that there's no way out and she put something in your drink earlier. She's familiar - you tried to fuck her girlfriend at a party previously. This is why you're here. She pokes fun over the idea that you think you could be with her girlfriend in any capacity. You were pretty toasty, but that doesn't dismiss or excuse anything you said. The woman before you is very aware of what kind of man you think you are - the kind who can change her girlfriend, give her the dick and make her want more. Nope. You're that confident, huh? Think you can really give a woman exactly what she needs? You're in for a test. If you make her cum through her jeans, you must be pretty fucking magical - and she'll LET you date her girlfriend. That is, if you can even break free of the ass that ultimately sits right on your face. If it weren't for the stinky jeans, the smelly farts, and the talking down to you... these things run through your mind, but you won't find out. She never expected you to leave. No chance.

Ass Fetish Smothering Jeans Fetish Smell Fetish


Show Me Your Skills

After setting up a get-together with a woman through a dating app, you expect things to get right into it. The whole setup was for sexual purposes, but she has other ideas in mind. She wants to see how you are BEFORE she lets your dick inside her in any capacity. Pushing you to stroke, she gets a bit aggressive and upset at how you're doing it. She's giving you advice, but groaning about your performance. The cringing and eye rolls are obvious responses to her feelings about you. Even after she gives you the chance to prove yourself by showing her a big explosive cum load, you let her down. This will more than likely end with you going home.

JOI Encouragement Humiliation


Sorority Sissies Part Three - Becoming A Slut

It was so obvious that you were slutting it up with a guy at our event last night. You need to really work on your flirting, and have something behind it. Even though we made you LOOK slutty, we need to make sure you can actually DO slutty things. There's a special surprise here for you - FAT COCK! Great practice! Let's talk about what you're supposed to do with a cock like this. Your step-sisters are so surprised at the skills you seem to have already - you are definitely a virgin, but it also seems like you're definitely already a slutty little girl, huh? Open wide, take that cock! Your dearest step-sisters will give you the best advice out there for being the sluttiest sorority-sister you can be! This clip features the amazing Vera Price! Follow her and her awesome content on Twitter: @verapricexxx

Taboo Sisters Feminization Gender Transform Coerced Bi Sissification Double Domination

Featuring: Vera Price


Sorority Sissies Part Two - All Dolled Up

Your step-sisters are ready for a big night out. It's not that you're masculine, but you're dressing sort of like a guy - this isn't that kind of event. Here, strip down and put these cute panties on! These are definitely more up for this event. You'll fit in them with that dick - feel good too, right? Those nice, soft panties. So here's a bra for your tits. If you want to be noticed, that's a good way to do it. Hm. Not enough though, we better add some cleavage to your chest. Makeup time! You are so lucky that we have makeup, because we're going to cake up that face and make sure you're definitely up to par with the evening. Cheekbones, lips, eyes, tits... perfect! The magic of makeup! This clip features the amazing Vera Price! Follow her and her awesome content on Twitter: @verapricexxx

Taboo FemDom Sisters Feminization Gender Transform Sissification Double Domination

Featuring: Vera Price


Sorority Sissies Part One - Frat Failure

Your step-sisters heard that you couldn't get into a fraternity. You're so scrawny, so awkward... It's almost like you aren't even worth being called a man. So many of those frat houses will let ANYBODY in, so it's quite a surprise that you're sitting before them without any sort of cred. All the time you put in, and nobody wants you. They wonder if you're still a virgin, and can't even imagine that you will be getting laid in college as a guy who isn't even in a frat... They love you, even if you are a loser. However, above all else, they can't risk the embarrassment! Having a step-brother in college who isn't part of even the lowest kind of frat is just ridiculous. It's so sad. They insist you become their first sorority-sister, and coerce you into stripping down naked for them. Oh boy! They are laughing at your little dick, but you know what? As tiny as it is, it's all that much closer to being just a clit - perfect! Now show them if you have any man left in you - stroke that baby cock! This clip features the amazing Vera Price! Follow her and her awesome content on Twitter: @verapricexxx

Sisters Feminization SPH Gender Transform Sissification Double Domination


Prom Sluts Tacky Dress

Vera is so trashed after prom. Ivy is a good friend though, and she takes good care of her friends. Great care, in fact. After plopping her friend down in a chair, she feigns sweetness long enough to tie Vera up and explain what all of this change of heart is about. Being the slut that she is, Vera spent her prom hiding out with a guy... Not just any guy though, she spent time with Ivy's guy. This doesn't go over well, and the girls are NOT friends anymore. Too bad for Vera though, she's all tied up and so trashed that she'll never be able to get herself out or put up enough fight for release. Ivy pushes Vera around, rubbing her head and squeezing her face - telling her what a slut she is, how much of a friend she must be for fucking her man. It won't stop there though, as Ivy grabs scissors and cuts up the dress that Vera spent months saving up to buy, just for prom. This clip features the amazing Vera Price! Follow her and her awesome content on Twitter: @YourGoddessVera

Cheating Girl-Girl Limp Clothes Destruction

Featuring: Vera Price


Fucking The Wrong Girls

Isn't it funny that these two hot girls in the office are comparing stories that involve YOU? You are on edge right now - you never though these two would ever cross paths and be friends in the office. It seems that they bumped into each other at a conference, and ended up getting onto the topic of a man they had been seeing secretly. Surprise! They had conversations with many other women who happened to be seeing you on the side, too. Upon further investigation, they find that you've also been married for a very long time. Such a lovely family - they wonder how terrible it would be if they found out that you were such a slut at the office!? You would be divorced... penniless... ruining the trust of so many people who love you. People like you need to learn their lesson. You're so casual about everything, and it's clear that you have money - but can't afford therapy for your little problem? Ha! Well, with all the entertainment you blow your money on, it would seem that you have the funds to keep two women quiet. That would be for the best, don't you think?

Boss/Employee Blackmail Fantasy FinDom Double Domination

Featuring: Vera Price


A Sign From God

The praise and worship group that Vera and Ivy went to made them both feel so good. They are so at one with the Lord, and they're ready to finish the night off in their hotel with devotionals before bed. They are sure that the hotel will have a Bible... and it does. Only... it's not just any old Bible... This Bible has a cock on it. The girls discuss it possibly being left behind, but it's more than likely A SIGN FROM GOD. There's absolutely no reason they shouldn't pay tribute... it's clearly a sign, and they can't help but please HIM and his massive rod of light. This clip features the amazing Vera Price! Follow her and her awesome content on Twitter: @YourGoddessVera

BBC Girl-Girl Blasphemy/Religious

Featuring: Vera Price


This Toy Makes My Pussy Fart

Baby, I love you and you know our life is pretty perfect together. We have good conversation, go out together a lot, are financially comfortable, and we even have great sex still. However, there's just something missing in the bedroom... Your cock doesn't make my pussy SCREAM. My pussy is loud and excited for you, but I've been with a lot of guys who made me queef like crazy - not you, though. Let me show you what I mean...

Masturbation Cuckolding Hairy Bush SPH Dildo Fucking Queefing


Tit Bouncing Hiccups

You not only love my hiccups, but you love my tits. These tits bounce all on their own, but even more when I have hiccups. Focus on my lovely breasts, and wait for it...

Belly Fetish Hiccups Bouncing Tits Belly Button Tit Play


The Tasty Grapefruit

Make sure you have a grapefruit for this clip. That's all you need to know, you cum-eating grapefruit-fucking freak show. Oh, and assuming your cock is raw from all your constant pathetic stroking... this could potentially be a bit... uncomfortable. Ha!



The Best View

You've got that good view, there on your knees... right there, between her legs... Her legs will fall open and close again, open and close... it's dark sometimes, and then there's a hint of a pussy in there... fuzzy bush! Slippery, wet pussy, you hear that much from time to time when she opens the lips up. Crossing her legs, opening up again... You'll be popping a load from all this teasing.

Upskirt Hairy Bush Pantyhose/Stockings


Teasing Bubble Bath

I love taking baths (something you can see proof of forever on my Twitter!), but this time I needed to add a bunch of big, fluffy bubbles! It makes me feel super sexy to be covered in bubbles, and to rub them all over my wet body.

Bathtub Cock Tease


Oily Pussy

One of my favorite ways to masturbate is by building up a nice, teasing cum. Lubing up like crazy with oil, I rub around my pussy lips and around my clit, not pressing on them at all - just teasing around. This is the best way to start, and makes it that much more intense when I finally do touch my clit and press inside my lips.

Masturbation Fingering Legs


Nurse Orders A Bigger Sample

You've been called back into the sperm donation center, and they didn't really explain anything on the phone. Sitting in the waiting room, you're just not quite sure. You donated last week. Was something wrong? The nurse comes in with a clipboard, looking at it like she's not quite sure where to start with you. She's fairly blunt though - your sample was not enough. Sometimes they throw them out if they aren't enough, but they don't want them to go to waste really - so she decided to call you in for a "redo". There isn't anything subtle about it though, as she assumes you were in and out so quickly that there was no way you left anything sufficient. She looks at the clipboard again as confirmation washes over her face - YES, you ARE that guy who comes in and out of here within TWO MINUTES. Well, you have no problem doing this. She isn't leaving the room though. It's a big deal to her that you give a proper sample, so she's going to watch and help you in your "sufficient" donation.

Masturbation Cock Tease JOI Nurse


Naked Gum Blowing

You don't have to wait, don't have to stroke your cock while I give you a strip tease. I'm naked already, ready to please you with my body. Ready to POP for you. Come on, stroke your cock for me while I dance for you, rub my body for you, and POP for you.

Cock Tease Bubble Gum Chewing Mouth Fetish


Leg Crossing Burp Tease

Mmm with every uncross and recross of my legs, you'll catch a glimpse... BURP. Check out my crotchless pantyhose... BURP... my long legs, looking even longer in my stilettos... BURP... my tits, puffy nipples... BURP...

Cock Tease Hairy Bush Mouth Fetish Burping Pantyhose/Stockings


Your Private Cock Tease

Long legs, crotchless pantyhose, and gorgeous tits - teasing you is so easy... so much fun for me. I just love to stretch my legs wide open, propping my stilettos up beside me to really open my pussy lips open. I lick my lips, teasing you further with my mouth and smile. Your cock is throbbing, and I won't make you wait any longer. I walk up close to you and spread my pussy - pump your load right there, baby.

Cock Tease Hairy Bush Pantyhose/Stockings Legs


Don't Scream

You wake from a deep sleep to find a woman standing before you. Your first response is not to scream, but she puts a finger to your lips and shushes you immediately. This is not a dream, and she isn't riding your cock - she broke into your house! The demand is simple - give her all of the cash in your home. She is aware of your business, the fact that much of your money is in the bank but that even MORE is stashed at your home - you don't trust banks. Now you feel silly, because this whole thing may have been avoided otherwise. She doesn't stop there - after teasing you in her sexy catsuit, she tells you that she will cut your cock right off if you don't do as she says. Well, only one thing to do, eh?

ASMR FemDom CBT Penectomy FinDom


Doctor Needs To See YOU Pop

You're in the doctors office with a little issue - it's been a while since you had an orgasm. You were pretty iffy about coming up to the doctor about it, but it's been built up enough now that you're worried. She isn't worried though, and the doctor gets right into helping you. Her gum chewing and popping is a bit distracting (almost rude!), but it's also kind of turning you on. Is this all part of her plan to help? She decides to give you trigger words, something that may bring out a response for your cock. Each word is intended to aid in this process. Couple the trigger words with her actions, POP - you'll be ready to POP yourself in no time.

Cock Tease Bubble Gum Chewing Mouth Fetish JOI Nurse


Step-Dad's Infertility

As you know honey, Step-Dad and I have been working on having a baby - we want to give you a little bro+sis. Well, turns out that Step-Dad is NOT going to be making them anytime soon. I'm not going to be telling him though, as it would just upset him and I would never get what I want. You know though, there is an alternative to all of this - an upside! We have perfectly good sperm that is very much like your Step-Dad... What do you say, honey? Want to make Step-Mommy happy?

Masturbation Dirty Talk Taboo Momma's Boy Impregnation


Cumming Together

You've walked in on Step-Mommy, and she's... relaxing. This is what she tells you, anyway. You don't actually know what it is - she's naked and touching her body! It's randomly appealing to you and your body responds accordingly. Step-Mommy assures you that this is the best way to relax, and that if you're having trouble sleeping - which she concludes from you standing before her late at night - you should try it yourself. She gives you information on what to do and then goes right along with it herself!

Masturbation Taboo Momma's Boy JOI


Cum On My Toes

I know why you're here - you just love my long legs, my hairy bush, my perky tits... soft skin... and you love my feet and toes. I know you so well, hm? You're dreaming about jizzing all over them. I'm going to build you up though, give you a nice tease so you can really coat my feet in creamy cum.

Hairy Bush Lingerie Foot Fetish Fishnets


Collarbone and Belly Cocktease Hiccups

I decide to take my random hiccups outside, and hold my phone up to record them at my collarbone. It's so sexy seeing my collarbone sink in with every hiccup, my skin stretching with each sound. I move it to my belly when I see people walking nearby (pretending I'm using it), and my neighbor makes me giggle and bite my lip over how cute he is coming by twice to say hi while I'm hiccuping so loud. I bet he's enjoying my sexy collarbone with every sound, too!

Exhibitionist Cock Tease Mouth Fetish Hiccups


Peanut Butter Cock Licker

Thick, creamy peanut butter coating this nice dick? That's exactly what my tongue is wanting! Mmmm. Stroke, baby - this is just what you've been dreaming of...

Blow Job Food Eating Dildo Sucking Licking


Your Burping Whore

I know your favorite thing to watch... a girl burping. You look for it online, or lucky enough to see it in person. Either way, your dick hops at the sight of it - hearing it. BURP. It's all you want. Cock twitching. Every. Time. BURP. I think I know you pretty well. You want a girlfriend who is willing to do this when your cock is in her mouth, or when you're fucking her... maybe just see her do it casually around the house. You don't need that though - you can come to me. I think it's fun. I love to tease, and I would love to be your BURPing whore. Come on, just ask and I'll do it for you.

Cock Tease Dirty Talk Mouth Fetish Burping Tit Play


Multi-Tasking Attempt

When you have so much desk work that you don't have time to masturbate, you just try to do both! Well, this was my attempt. I grab my hitachi and put it under me on my chair. The computer in front of me has a lot of spreadsheet work necessary for clip posting, so it needs to be done. I'll do what I can, but there's no guarantee I'll get even half as much as I would have normally. I'll try though!

Masturbation Jeans Fetish Orgasms Vibrator Orgasm Control


Paying For Her Virginity

There are a lot of college girls out there who need a knight, and you've stepped in for one girl in particular who needs cash for her last year. She is tapped out on financial aid and has no other options... you're going to fuck this hot college virgin. It's hard though, to just get right into it, as she is obviously nervous. She hasn't ever masturbated, so you suggest she finger her pussy first - the reaction is awesome, and your cock gets hard so quick. Once you slip inside her tight pussy, she is floored at how good it feels. This girl is sure that if she had been having sex previously, she never would have gotten anything done in school! You fuck her from behind, then from the front after she tells you she prefers your cock to her fingers. Pumping a big load in to finish, she smiles over the whole thing - she is definitely not a virgin anymore.

Masturbation Cock Tease Taboo Hairy Bush Lingerie POV Sex


Lying Cunt Step Mom

You catch Mom... she's been cheating on your Father, who pays for her to live it up in his house. She disgusts you, can't keep her goddamn clothes on and keep her shit together for your family. You're waiting outside the bedroom she's fucking another man in... fucking another man in your own Father's bed - disgusting slut! She comes out after the man has left from a window, you suspect. Her look is that of total surprise, but she also looks almost proud. She wants you to keep this a secret. A soft chuckle, and you know she doesn't think this will be a problem for you at all. Truly, she thinks you will just keep this to yourself without a care. After seeing that you aren't so inclined to just keep your mouth shut, she offers up something in exchange for your silence. Maybe a tablet, a new phone, something you've been wanting? You're briefly reminded of the reaction you had to hearing her fucking someone, feeling a power inside of you that turns you on again. She must do the same to you. You won't budge. She will have to fuck you if she wants to keep this under the radar. First though, you demand she shows the proof that she's been cheating... She needs to show you the cum that's falling from her slutty pussy. You tell her to rub it on her tits, so she sees it and really understands what she has done. After that, you're going to slide your dick in that wet cunt to pump her full of more hot jizz. Only for a moment though, because you don't want to stay inside that mess for long - you just want to show her who's boss, and how small she really is in this house. You make her say how much of a slut she is, and how dirty her cunt is now because of her actions. To finalize all of this, you make her also rub your own cum onto her tits to mix with the other cum. Disgusting slut.

Dirty Talk Taboo Momma's Boy Panty Fetish Cheating POV Sex Blackmail Fantasy


Cheating Cock Lockup

You cheated on your wife, and she has finally gotten to a point where she can talk to you again. You're thinking you're in the clear, but not quite. She has decided to lock your cock up in a chastity device. This seems a big far, but you're willing to do whatever you can to make her happy again. This is very appealing to her. She knows you need to be locked up at work to avoid fucking your co-workers or stroke your dick in the bathroom like a pervert. This is very much her ideal situation, and as long as she has the key she is confident in your relationship and commitment. It's a bit twisted, and a forced trust, but you're going to do it. She starts to tease you with her panties, which are soaked through. You can see the cream coming out, marking the outside as she rubs herself. You think that she'll unlock you in the bedroom at the very least, but she's not ready for that yet. She grabs a big dildo, and makes comments about how it will never cheat on her and will always fuck her just right... You can't hold back the raging boner, which hurts in that cage. Well, you do deserve it.

Masturbation Cuckolding Hairy Bush Chastity SPH Cheating Dildo Fucking


My Little Man

Step-Mom is waiting in your room when you walk in from skipping school again. You thought you had been pretty stealth about it, but she has caught on. In fact, she's been taking note of many of your skipped days and just waited to confront you. Now you imagine you'll have to sit and listen to her bitch about it forever. Her attitude is a bit different. She hands you a coffee, saying she wants to treat you like a grownup. She reminisces about how you were when you were younger... a good kid, her best friend, and not the kind of boy who would do something like skip school or cause trouble. The coffee is a trap, turns out, and there's a magical mixture inside of it that makes you become a baby again! Now you'll have to be taken care of by her... and she can once again remember how you were... Diaper changing, breastfeeding, and spanking are a reminder of the power your Step- Mother has over you.

Taboo Momma's Boy Magic Age Regression Diaper Fetish


Riding My Lap Desk Dick

Yep, this is THE best way for me to get fucked during a dry spell. It's been a while since I had some dick, but this one is just the right size. Back to basics, I fuck this dildo until I cum. All I want is some doggy style orgasms. Yum!

Masturbation Ass Fetish Ass Spreading Dildo Fucking Riding


The Relief

Hiring a prostitute was pretty easy, and you're thrilled to see that she is just as hot as you had hoped. She's ready to get down to it, and takes off her coat to reveal sexy lingerie, crotchless pantyhose, and stilettos. The teasing begins as she reveals her pussy and rubs it down, telling you she wants to see that cock under your pants. Pulling it out, she sighs with relief. She is SO happy that you don't have the kind of cock described in your email to her. You really thought you were being honest... apparently though, you have an "average" sized dick. You cringe at this, even though it's making her even more excited. You were way off, and it's clear in her response. She is so over the massive dick that she gets on the regular, saying that she feels split open sometimes with those guys. Her face scrunches up describing some of the "scary" cocks that are like 2 liters, ramming into her tight cunt. Phew! She is so relieved. Furthermore, she is stoked that you can actually fuck her doggy style - something she can NOT offer to "bigger" cocks, because it hurts too much. You're torn... your cock is hard for her either way, but you REALLY were mistaken about your size.

Cock Tease Ass Fetish SPH Strip Tease POV Sex Humiliation


My Juicy Asshole

Fucking my ass hole feels so good, and I just love fucking it in such a way that you have the best view of it all! I talk dirty as I finger my tight, wet hole... and then slide a dildo in for such rough, hardcore ass fucking!

Masturbation Anal Ass Fetish Glass Dildo Asshole Fetish Fingering



Walking around her bedroom, she has no idea that you're watching... quietly... from her webcam... You decide to stop being a silent watcher though, and she notices that you've now popped up on her screen. She assumes this is a mistake, that you are either an ad pop-up or just an accidental video caller. It doesn't take long before you've told her that you have some dirt on her and you'll blackmail her if she doesn't do what you tell her to do. She is horrified now! She will do anything you ask, even if a bit reluctant. You instruct her to strip down, full body, and fuck her ass hole. You know she has a dildo, so you make her get it to fuck her ass with it. She hasn't done it before, or so she says. Either way, you're in for quite a treat!

Masturbation Cock Tease Anal Glass Dildo Strip Tease Orgasm Control Blackmail Fantasy


Her Support Group "Fantasies"

Your wife has been going to a support group for a little while now, and she has finally decided to talk about it with you. This group is for sex addicts. Her problem is that she wants to fuck ALL the time, when you're home, when you're out, when you're in the car - ALL the time. She is in for a surprise when she realizes the people in this group want to have sex all the time also, but with loads of other people! It's a turn-on for her, and she needs to talk to you about it so you understand her dilemma... Your wife has a lot of fantasies about the men in the group. She tells you all about these things she wants to do as she's playing with herself. It doesn't take long before you start to wonder though... Fantasy? Or reality?

Masturbation Dirty Talk Cuckolding Hot Wife GFE Cheating


Our Broke Substitutes

Well, there's not a lot of money to go around right now. Your girlfriend assures you that you'll make it through okay, but that some changes need to be made. First of all, there needs to be a cut back of certain items from you. Second, there will have to substitutions made - free ones. You're going to be the full provider of coffee creamer, yogurt, and milk - for yourself, anyway. She will continue using the real stuff, but you are now expected to only use substitutions. Of course, it will be your own creation, so you should be totally fine with the taste! She walks you through jerking off now, building up a nice fat cum load, so that you can fill up a jar with it. Yep, that's the new stuff! Let's make sure you build up enough to start the jar off with a lot!

Hairy Bush CEI JOI Hot Wife Rejection


Wet, Hairy Anal Orgasm

So much anal lately, and I can't get enough of it! I'm a total anal-loving slut. My ass takes a dildo way better than it used to, and I decide to grind on my hitachi while I fuck my ass hole for this one. Well, this is a very quick clip because it turns out this is the PERFECT way to get me to an orgasm. Phew!

Masturbation Anal Ass Fetish Glass Dildo Asshole Fetish


Str@ngling Loser Frat Boys

This sexy leather-clad woman is ready to eliminate you, along with all of your stupid loser frat boy friends. She will go around and take you out. One. By. One. Watch her hands come up to each throat. It doesn't take her long at all, because she has definitely done this before. She'll be coming for you, frat boy... guarantee that.

FemDom Mindfuck Super Villain Throat Fetish Catsuit


Our Unique Marriage

We've never had sex, and you know why - you could never satisfy me sexually. We married for special needs - status. Money. WORSHIP. However, the sexual appetite is there. The lovers are necessary. Lucky for you that shame and humiliation excites you, makes you want me more. As you know, I had a date tonight. You know, with a real alpha male... HUGE COCK. Have you been waiting for me? Wondering what my date with a real man is like? You're excited! Before I go into detail about my hot date, are you wearing panties, like I told you to? Go on, take off your pants. Show me. Look at that! Your cock is hard in those silky panties. You're horny, and hoping this is the night you get that sweet release. Your cock is leaking! You've been jerking off while I'm with my lover? Of course. Pull down those panties, show me you haven't fully climaxed in them. Haha you're quivering... fantasizing about fucking me? You know better. I'm the ONLY one who can fuck in this marriage, and you know it won't be with you. Your sex life is your hand. You can only release when I say so. Other husbands get to fuck their wives on a Saturday night... and here I am coming back from a date. You're just leaking over the hope that I'll describe my date. You want to jerk off? Kiss my ass first... Smell that sex? The juice? Kiss and suck it through my panties and pantyhose. I'll tell you all about my date, sure. You know the drill though. Get on your knees and don't touch yourself unless I say so. Additionally, you will get to see all the juice from my pussy, but it's there for you to clean up. Slurp it up!

Cock Tease Cuckolding CEI Rejection Cheating Strip Tease Creampie


Burping Competition with Molly

By now, you may see that I absolutely LOVE being in burping competitions with sexy girls! This time, hang out with Molly Rockit and myself, and see who prevails. We are both drinking different beers - mine is thicker and produces deeper burps, whereas her beer is lighter and brings out lighter, longer ones.

Confessions Burping Girl-Girl Laughing

Featuring: Molly Rockit


My First Facesitting Experience

Molly has the loveliest ass! I just HAD to have it in my face. Once she spreads it and I give it a good look, I want it even more. She just loves my enthusiasm and pushes me down to the bed. Suddenly, I'm a little unsure! My first ass pressed against my face!? Mmm... hmmm... yesssss :)

Ass Fetish Smothering Face Sitting Girl-Girl Asshole Fetish Ass Spreading

Featuring: Molly Rockit


Gum Blowing Competition with Molly

I tend to think I'm the BEST at all competitions, and I come in pretty cocky with this one. I didn't expect Molly to be nearly as good as she was... I was super wrong! Check this out, because you'll see me trying pretty hard - failing miserably against the awesome blowing of Molly Rockit.

Confessions Bubble Gum Chewing Girl-Girl

Featuring: Molly Rockit


Hairy Pit Exploration with Molly

Ivy hasn't shaved in a few days, and it's been months for Molly! The girls both may have gone different times without shaving, but Ivy's prickles are black and Molly's are super light and fluffy. Check them out close up and we'll describe how they feel, get whiffs and tell you how they smell, and lick for a taste!

Confessions Girl-Girl Armpits Hairy

Featuring: Molly Rockit


Jacuzzi Jets

Girls night in the jacuzzi! These two ladies have finally got some time to relax, and when Molly lets Ivy know that she ALWAYS gets a hotel with a jacuzzi... Ivy just isn't understanding why she would do that. But it doesn't take very long before Ivy figures out what it is that Molly likes about the jacuzzi... mmmm!

Masturbation Bathtub Cock Tease Girl-Girl

Featuring: Molly Rockit


Strip Tease and Ass Hole Gawk

The camera isn't exactly in the right spot, but you get a great view of a live show that Molly and I gave to someone. Showing off our hot bodies, spreading out ass holes, spanking, and teasing so much... This is just a taste of what you get with a LIVE show with us!

Ass Fetish Asshole Fetish Ass Spreading

Featuring: Molly Rockit


Stuffed Nasty Girls

After drinking and filming all night long, Molly and I really needed to sit down and relax... and stuff our faces! We definitely aim to eat the whole pizza, and can't hold back when we need to burp and moan with absolute joy over this tasty pizza.

Chewing Burping Girl-Girl Food Eating

Featuring: Molly Rockit


Tickling Molly

Molly is SO ticklish, and it's so much fun to see her squirm! I hop right on top of her and tickle her in every place I can to see how much she'll try knocking me. I hold her down and restrain her, working on tickling in all those places that we all avoid being poked. It's so fun!

Girl-Girl Bouncing Tits Tickling Laughing

Featuring: Molly Rockit


Wet Top Jacuzzi Teasing

Hot, wet tops... big tits, little tits... you get the best of all worlds! Come watch us tease you with our pointy nipples through out wet tops, pull the shirts aside, and play with each other.

Bathtub Cock Tease Girl-Girl

Featuring: Molly Rockit


Your First White Ass

Your nasty school teacher just got home from work. You got there before her, and you're watching from the closet. You don't expect to be caught from where you are... She is naked so quickly and playing with that hairy bush, you're surprised when she pulls out a toothbrush to stick inside. Something startles her, and suddenly, you've been seen! She tells you to come out right away, and that you could be in a ton of trouble. However, she won't suspend you if you play a game with her. In her super horny, delusional state, she will do anything to get someone near her ass. She sticks her hairy bush in your face and tells you to stroke your cock. Calling you out for looking at her butt at school, you realize how poorly you were at hiding it. Your teacher assumes you've never been with a white woman. She shows you the toothbrush sticking out of her butt, and she struts around to show it off. Seeing something in her ass is turning you on so much, driving you absolutely nuts! She knows how much you want to cum, and tells you to stroke that black cock but not cum yet. Instead of just cumming in your hand, she offers a warm place for you to stick it. Her ass is the perfect spot, and at this angle you can fuck her ass and check out that hairy bush!

Masturbation Odd Insertions Anal Ass Fetish Hairy Bush Fishnets Teacher Fetish


Your EX Girlfriend

You cannot see your girlfriend Melissa anymore. At all. I’m forbidding that bullshit. Oh, you care about her? Haha! Well, you have no chance at this point. I saw her earlier today. I told her to avoid you. She laughed about it, but she’s such a pussy - not a fighter. She was so scared, but she wasn’t going to back down. You’re her man, and she acted like it… at first! Instead of fighting me, she tried walking away. Nope! I cornered her and pushed into the wall. She stood up for herself, so I beat the out of her. I really beat her ass. Girls who want to stand up to me get beat down quick. I punched her right in the teeth to start. Her mouth was . I popped her hard in the stomach, and the air got knocked out of her. I'm going to give you details about the way I beat the out of your EX girlfriend Melissa. I’m the only one you are allowed to think about anymore. I will do the same to you if you try to test me. What I did to Melissa, you’ll get it ten times over if you even flinch over your devotion to me. You will forever serve only me. And yes, that’s a fucking threat.

FemDom GFE Strip Tease Home Wrecker Goddess Worship


Your Average Cock

You stayed the night at your new girlfriends house, and got a great blow job - the first sexual experience you've had together so far. It was a nice start to what you hope will happen next. However, when she leaves for work the next morning, your curiosity gets the best of you upon seeing that she left her tablet open on the nightstand. You didn't really expect to see anything... so you are shocked to find a full length porn that she made with her ex boyfriend! His cock is MASSIVE and she is having a crazy good time. Now you're really wondering about all of this - will you be good enough? When she comes home from work, you bring it up. She tells you not to worry at all. She says that of course he made her moan like crazy and of course his cock was huge, but she cares about you. Additionally, "just because I can get your whole cock in my mouth and I can't even get half of his in doesn't mean anything". She wants you to pull your cock out again so she can show you how much she likes her. However, the comments she's making as she sucks your cock aren't doing much to ease your concerns... but they definitely aren't hurting your hard-on. "I don't care if it's SMALLER than his... Your AVERAGE cock is just right... His dick was TOO big for me..."

SPH GFE Strip Tease Blow Job SPE


You Can Have My Ass Hole

I'm so glad you're accepting of me having a boyfriend! You're such a terrific husband. This is why I love you so much. Of course, my pussy will be absolutely shredded after having a big cock, like the one I have in mind. You know? I think it would be best if I just put my pussy on a break when I'm not fucking the boyfriend. Oh... baby, no, don't be upset about this! You definitely have some pussy attachment, huh? It's okay, I understand. Don't change your mind - me having a boyfriend will be perfect for our relationship. Don't worry, you'll have the rest of my body to play with, so you'll have plenty of spots to blow your load. Let's leave my ass hole just for you! How about that? Mmmm I've never had anal before, so let me really get it ready for you. Your dick will be just the right size for my tight ass hole! It feels so good, and this will still leave my pussy intact for my boyfriend. Awww... You just love my pussy, huh? Okay, you could fuck me just like this, so you can still look at my pussy while you're inside me! Perfect!

Cuckolding Anal Ass Fetish Hot Wife Asshole Fetish


Where Did They Touch You

Thank you for staying after class, dear. I'm aware of some things that have been happening. What I want to do with you may seem... unconventional. However, from what I've seen, I think that this could be helpful in finding out what happened. You've been touched, haven't you? I can't figure out which one of these teachers did it. I just think it's important we find out WHAT they did to you. Say hello to Nick! He's going to be touched by me, and you can watch as I do things to him that... maybe were done to you. Just let me know, dear. We'll get down to the bottom of this!

Dirty Talk Taboo Doll Fetish Sex Ed


Wet Top, Hard Nipples

You've definitely been wanting to see a girl in a thin top, all wet... nipples hard from the cold. This is usually something that the girl didn't plan for, and she's uncomfortable wandering around until she can get into something dry. Well, I LOVE the way my nipples look in a wet top. Check me out... I'm going to tease you so bad.

Bouncing Tits Tit Play Wet


Walking In On Step-Daddy

Oh my... I was just coming in to grab a towel - my bathroom ran out of... oh my... wow... I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were in here like this, I should have knocked. You're in like, full force stroking your... your... I'm sorry, I'll go now. I mean, I guess I'll grab that towel though, while I'm here. I still need it. Are you doing any laundry today? Hmmm. Yes, I'll just leave my clothes here with you then. You're very excited, Step-Daddy. You must enjoy me stripping in front of you. I see your stroking continues, and you're getting really, really hard now. Wow! You're so impressive. It makes me want to touch myself. I guess that would be a naughty thing to do, huh Step-Daddy? Mmmmm.

Masturbation Cock Tease Taboo Daddy's Girl Strip Tease


Uncircumcised Disgust

I've heard about people like you. Your parents didn't snip the tip off, huh? Let me see it. Come on then. I need to see what this nasty shit looks like, immediately. Oh fuck, I might fucking throw up right now. This is sad. Sex isn't even something that will ever happen for you, huh? Even if it does, I just bet that the girl will take one look and barf on that fucking disgusting... THING. I'll help you out here. That's why you came, right? I mean, you know I wouldn't want that near me. Not long enough around me before I take action. Let's pull that skin... yeah... okay, let me grab my scissors. Oh man, all I have are these little eyebrow clipping scissors. Hm. This would be really painful. It's kind of old and looking a little rough now. This doesn't seem very safe. YOU better do it.

FemDom Rejection CBT Penectomy Humiliation


Teasing You With My Tits

Teasing you in my bra and panties, your cock gets instantly hard. You know that I'll be stripping out of this bra soon... Stroke to me, stroke to that thought that my tits will be out shortly. Yes, it's worth it, hm? Look at my puffy, perky nipples. I'll rub them for you, circling... pulling... teasing...

Cock Tease Tit Play


Teasing To A Handful

It's always so much fun teasing you in clips, stripping down and playing coy... smiling at you, winking... begging for you. It's such a turn on! However, all that teasing I do to you sometimes seems kind of mean, hmmm? :) I decided to spend some time teasing my pussy, spreading it and teasing around it up and down and around... Ultimately, I do end up fingering and lightly pushing hand inside. Enjoy ;)

Masturbation Odd Insertions Pussy Stretching


Teasing My Wet Ass Hole

I just love to tease - that's something I do a lot of the time. And you know it, hmm? You know how excited I like to get you before I give you the good stuff. And I know exactly what you want to see - you want to see my tight, juicy ass hole! I'm going to tease you a bit first. Let's get that cock rock hard before I flip over and pull my panties to the side...

Cock Tease Ass Fetish Asshole Fetish


Sweet Step-Daddy's Birthday Gift

Step-Daddy, I noticed how much you've changed since the divorce. My Step-Mom is mostly the same, although maybe a bit more strict. You though, you seem to be really indulging in this "youthful" attitude. Now you drive that sexy car, and you're taking me to the movies and treating me really nice! I just love it! You're the best Step-Daddy! It's sad though, I guess... because you deserve so much more. Remember when that woman mistook us for a couple?! She really thought you were such a young guy, driving around in your sports car, pulling out your wallet to buy whatever I want... Really though, that would be fine by me. Look at my hot naked body, Step-Daddy... and tell me how much you want a sexy girlfriend to go with your new, sexy lifestyle.

Masturbation Dirty Talk Taboo Daddy's Girl Strip Tease


Show Me You're Not Gay

Your step-Mother seems so uncomfortable coming into your room. She's unsure about how to talk to you right now. The glass of wine in her hand is obviously for her nerves, as she mentions that the dinner she had with friends threw her off a little... Sure, boys your age say things to their friends. They do things like play gay and then call their friends "faggot". She's aware, but she's not quite sure that your behavior isn't going too far. Of course, being gay is totally fine, she assures you. However, she's worried... being gay is fine, but it will make your life much harder. For that reason, she wants to be prepared. And she needs to know where you stand, sexually. Your cock comes out as she strips, and she's watching it... She really wants to know. Are you gay?

Cock Tease Dirty Talk Taboo Momma's Boy Strip Tease Coerced Bi


Sexy Beer Burp Strip

I've been told that a woman can't be sexy with a beer in her hand and burps coming from her mouth. Well, let's see about that. I know that I feel sexy in my skimpy lingerie, in high heels, teasing... holding a beer, burping... teasing... What do you think?

Cock Tease Mouth Fetish Panty Fetish Strip Tease Lingerie Burping


Sexy Bed Burp Play

These burps are all deep and loud for you, continuous burping for your raging hard-on. My teasing and burping is bound to get you all excited! Watch me on my bed, feeling super sexy and doing one of my favorite things... burping!

Masturbation Cock Tease Mouth Fetish Panty Fetish Burping


Seeing Double The Pleasure

Go get a bottle of some of that strong liquor, usually cheap stuff - stuff that's so nasty, it will get you totally lit. Make sure you get that shot glass too, you'll be using it a lot. Pick up a full shot glass, take it all down your throat. You know you want to be taken advantage of by two sexy women. Take a whole shot - don't leave any behind, don't throw it up. And we're wasting no time, you're going to take more and more for us. Now... whoa... you're feeling tipsy, huh? You're not seeing things clearly, are you? Seeing... double? Vision impaired. Pour another. Listen to us, enjoy seeing so many of us. Take your cock out after you take another shot. We want you to be totally fucked up, so you can really enjoy your time with all of us. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.

Cock Tease JOI Magic Girl-Girl Twins


Reconsidering Our Divorce

Listen, I don't think I need to say this again... but since you aren't hearing me, let me break it down. You aren't willing to open up to me. You aren't all there, and you aren't as invested in this relationship as I am. I don't mean like, cooking or cleaning or general housework. I'm talking about the bedroom business. I'm far more open sexually than you are, and that's something I don't think I can handle anymore. I've always been all about trying new things, but you shy away from so much! I need someone willing to test out new things, whether or not they think it might be uncomfortable. What can you do? Well... you can TRY. I want you to do exactly as I say, and if you follow my instructions... well, I think I'll reconsider. However, if you don't follow through, I have to continue on my path to divorce.

Masturbation Cock Tease Dirty Talk CEI Hot Wife Cum Swallower


Playing House

Your step-sister is babysitting you for the first time, and you walk in on her in your parents room acting curiously. She's dressed in a very tight top and skimpy skirt... sexy thigh highs... high heels... Looking at herself in the mirror, she spots you for a moment and asks how you think she thinks. Apparently she raided step-Mom's closet and found some "adult" stuff. She's drinking a beer and saying that she's being the "grown up" tonight, and you'll have to be good for her. If you play house with her, she will always give you a good night in return. Playing house means that she's step-Mommy and you're step-Daddy. She continues to slip up and call you her step-brother, but then reminds herself and you that you're only "playing". However, it all ends with her telling you to strip down and jerk off to her "grown up" "step-Mommy" body. You'll have a lot of fun with her... but only if you tell your parents that she was a great babysitter, and back her up when they want to give her gifts for her being so "mature".

Taboo JOI Sisters Strip Tease


Pedal Pumping

You like seeing me in my skimpy dress, teasing you in the passenger seat. My legs spread open for you to take a peek, but I'm far more interested in starting this car and getting moving. Once I switch over to the drivers seat though, we seem to have trouble! I pump the pedal as I try to start the car.

Cock Tease Damsel In Distress Car Fetish


Our First Anal

You're stroking your dick as you watch her taking that dildo in her ass. It's going in and out of that tight hole... tight hole... that tight... ass... hole... oh god, just the thought of how tight a hole it is makes you want to burst! She notices how much you love stroking your cock to her fucking her ass. Wow! You REALLY love it, don't you!? There's no denying it... she sees it in your eyes, and calls you out. Yep. You definitely want a toy in your ass hole. Don't you worry, she assures you, you're in good hands. She'll tell you just how to do it. All the while, she knows you want a big, throbbing cock in there. Yum!

Anal Ass Fetish JOI Asshole Fetish Coerced Bi


Oops! Broken Condom

You've found the perfect fuck buddy - she's super sexy and loves to dirty talk while you fuck her. You guys have only seen each other a few times, and this time she wants to try something different. She's going to play with herself and tell you to stroke to build up a massive cum load to pump inside her - in a condom, of course. Little do you know that all this buildup and her rushing you to put a condom on (that she gave you) involves more than just a fun time... The popped condom could be from you busting a massive load that was just too much to handle, but you're also wondering if the way she's acting is giving you any other hints.

Masturbation Cock Tease Dirty Talk Impregnation POV Sex


Oh, Coolers

I've been told that a woman can't be sexy with a beer in her hand and burps coming from her mouth. Well, let's see about that. I know that I feel sexy in my skimpy lingerie, in high heels, teasing... holding a beer, burping... teasing... What do you think?

Cock Tease Confessions Mouth Fetish Burping


No More Dry Spell

After my trip with Bianca Baker, I was so busy! It's not until this clip that I realize that I hadn't had an orgasm at all in roughly TWO WEEKS! This realization put me in a horny state, and I just had to show off the shaved pussy as I finger myself to a wonderful orgasm. No more dry spell!

Masturbation Dirty Talk Confessions


My Virgin Steps

You and your step-sister, you're both getting to an age where it's strange that you haven't had sex yet. You're a little too old to both be virgins! Step-Mommy lost it very young, to a stranger - it isn't something I even remember really. It would always be best to lose it to someone you care about... someone you trust... Step-Mommy is going to tell you exactly what you should do to each other. You'll feel so good about it. Be gentle, be loving, be... naughty. I'm your cheerleader! I'm your director. Take a deep breath... and let's begin.

Dirty Talk Taboo Momma's Boy Sisters Sex Ed


Making You My Baby

You've just given her the news... you don't want to have a baby with her. She was so excited earlier when she brought up her feelings, and now she's absolutely depressed. You can't really stand this kind of thing, and it's even more clear that you shouldn't be together. You add more fuel to the fire and break up with her. The reaction here is a little different. She shakes her head silently before she breaks out in a little giggle. You've made a mistake, and she tells you about something she retired when you met her - a magical snap that can turn men into boys. She's gone absolutely crazy, you've decided. How ridiculous! The teasing before she snaps is cruel and makes you realize she just might be serious... She tells you that if you aren't willing to give your seed to her for a baby, she's going to make you her baby. As you get smaller, you look up at her and feel like a little baby again - and now, this is your "M0MMA".

Taboo Momma's Boy Magic Age Regression Diaper Fetish


Loves It Raw, Hates Cum

You've put a lot of money into this girl, and you're so excited to finally sleep with her. She's in lingerie and spreading her legs, ready for you. She agreed to let you fuck her without protection... what a girl! Such a hot piece of ass, you can definitely go into this feeling like you're not with a hooker... She tells you to slip inside her wet pussy. You're going at, going at it... loving every minute.. You can barely contain yourself. In fact, you're ready to pop already. She stops you though. She will not be allowing that. You offer it to her mouth. Shaking her head, she tells you exactly what you'll be doing with your cum... And she gets absolutely crazy knowing that you'll be eating it! This must be something she does... brings men in for raw sex, and then tells them to eat it, because she is going wild! She's going to cum just from seeing you eat it. You're going to aim it right for your face, open wide, and catch.

CEI JOI Cum Swallower POV Sex


Leaving Her Mark

Oh, I know what you did. There's no way you can deny it. The only person who knows about my boyfriend sneaking into to fuck me at night would have to be you, you sneaky little ass. I thought we were like, on good terms as siblings! We're supposed to have each other's backs! Whatever. Here's the way that I'm dealing with it... If you're going to stick your nose in my bedroom, I'm going to rub my cunt in yours. All over your pillow.

Masturbation Dirty Talk Taboo Sisters Pillow Humping


Out of Retirement

This dildo? It's like NO other. It has made a few cameos in some of my clips, but it has definitely been a while. Right off the bat in this clip, I'm cumming. It doesn't take long for it to be inside for me to just go crazy. However, after that first cum, I am determined to cum again. I need a tiny break, so I talk about the history of this massive dong and how much I've done with it. Then I enjoy it for a final orgasm, which takes a bit more time... but makes me absolutely crazy. There are SO many moments where I worry I may split my walls wide open! I continue getting the stretching confused with cumming - and it's all so painfully amazing!

Masturbation Vibrator Big Dick Toys Pussy Stretching Monster Dildo


Broke Step-Sister

Your step-sister climbed in through a window and has been waiting for you at your house. She tried contacting you through phone, but you've been ignoring her - all she ever bugs you about is money. Your step-sister isn't the shining star of the family, and you're over helping her out. However, it seems that she won't be taking no for an answer. She promises that she will be putting this money to her rent, and maybe she won't pay you back but... you'll be helping her out. An eye roll from you prompts her taking it to the next level. You're being called out for your lack of a sex life, which she notes based on there being no one there and you coming in late. She can just tell that you're not getting laid, and she's willing to help you out with a blow job... if you help her out in return.

Cock Tease Taboo Sisters Blow Job


Peeping Tom In For A Surprise

You're wondering why your hot neighbors brought you over, huh? You know what happened. I didn't just randomly ask you to come over here. Obviously you were caught. Perverts like you aren't very good at hiding their naughty business. We've seen it. We don't like it. We're not comfortable seeing you jerk that nub across the way. It's so disgusting. So disgusting that we think you need a little adjustment. Before we really get into that though, let's see that cock that you've been fucking with over our bodies. Let's see your big shot cock. HA. Yeah, just as we expected. We don't want you doing this to anyone else. Your cock isn't worthy of jerking off to anyone. Why do you even bother? You know what? We'll do you a favor - we're going to just cut it right off. No icing up for you. This is straight up painful stuff.

FemDom Girl-Girl Penectomy

Featuring: Bianca Baker


HR Locks Your Cock Up

You may have had a fantasy of the sexy human resources department head calling you up for your porn history, and wanting to desperately fuck you. Well, the first part is happening right now. You've been called in to HR. She's ready to be very blunt with you - the porn is excessive. You have the highest porn search in the history of the company and its employees. You're a phenomena. This is enticing! Oh, but you won't be here for anything like you had in your fantasies. She's ready to lock your dick up. In fact, there device is just beside you to put on. And to make sure it all goes well, she'll tease you with it on, so she can see how uncomfortable you're going to be from it.

Boss/Employee FemDom Chastity CBT


His Accidental Live Stream

Sitting down at my desk to do some homework, I turn on the screen and... I'm absolutely FLOORED by the cock that pops up! What is that? WHO is that? Oh my god... It isn't a porn website. It seems to be a live stream from somewhere, but I can't figure out where. It must be a hacked webcam. My panties are getting wet. This is really hot. I mean, it was weird at first because I didn't expect it, but now... I mean... That stroking is such a turn on! Mmmm. I have to strip down immediately and play with my dripping pussy. As I'm getting close to cumming, I start to recognize a few things... That bed looks familiar... There's a watch on his wrist... Oh... my... IT'S MY STEP-BROTHER! I can't help it now, I'm definitely about to cum while I watch my step-brother jerk off. No way around it, this is happening. Fuck yes, I want to see him cum!

Masturbation Dirty Talk Taboo Sisters


Growling Belly Encouragement

Oh gosh, I haven't eaten in a while. My belly is really aching for food. It's so late though, and I'm trying not to eat right now! Ugh I want you to hear when my belly talks to me. It takes quite a bit of coercing, but you will hear it speak. All that talk about the foods I want to eat, what I ate earlier... mmmm...

Cock Tease Dirty Talk Belly Fetish Belly Button


Grinding My Hitachi

Riding on my hitachi is probably the WORST and BEST thing ever. My body wants to just rest on it and finish, but grinding on it feels so, so good... My eyes roll back a lot and my body twitches. It's hard not to just go wild on it.

Masturbation Hairy Bush Hitachi


Glass Toy Anal

You just love when I fuck my tight little ass hole, hm? You especially love when I fuck my tight hole with this glass toy! Hear how wet I am? It's going to slip in so easily... ohhh, I love the anal orgasm - it's so different, so awesome!

Masturbation Anal Ass Fetish Glass Dildo Asshole Fetish


Fucking Myself Too Hard

Look at my lovely baby bump! I feel so sexy, extra sexy lately. It's just gorgeous, hm? This belly suits me perfectly. I wish I could be pregnant forever. You know, the look of it all and feeling so sexy... it makes me so horny! You've been so gentle with me, but I'm really just aching for a hard fucking. Don't worry about the baby... it will be just fine. People fuck when they're pregnant, don't worry about it. I just need it hard and fast! Oh baby... I understand. It's okay. I thought you might feel this way, so I bought something for myself... something... crazy! I want you to watch me as I fuck myself to orgasm! Yes! Stroke that cock while I go hard... oh god... maybe... maybe... this is... that... oh... too hard... I better get to the hospital...

Masturbation Impregnation Big Dick


Fucking My Wet Ass

I love fucking my ass, and I know you're just aching to watch... You want to hear how wet my ass hole gets when I fuck it, don't you? Mmmm. You're going to get to watch me in different positions, fucking so hard and fast... Yes baby, I want you to fuck me so good!

Anal Ass Fetish Glass Dildo Asshole Fetish Fishnets


Fuck My Armpit

You've always wanted to fuck my armpits. Admit it, hmmm. Let me help you out, sweetheart. I'm going to cover my pits in lube and show you how easily it is to slip in there... in and out... I'll squeeze my arm down on top of it, and you can feel your cock pressing deep in and coming out on the other side. It feels good, doesn't it baby? You love feeling the tiny prickles on your throbbing cock!

Cock Tease Dirty Talk Armpits


Doctor Step-Mommy

The last thing you thought you'd hear from Step-Mommy is that she wants you to strip. It has to do with health insurance though - she can't afford a doctor right now. It comes down to being broke and relying on her own high school anatomy education to make sure you're physically healthy. It's something you agree to either way. To make sure you're comfortable, she decides to strip with you. Noting that your body is just fine (is there a hint of awe in the way she says it?), she asks to see your butt. You're a bit unsure... but she's insistent on checking you properly. You bend over at her advice, and... Do you hear her behind you? Is she touching herself? After checking your ass, she then has you turn around so she can make sure your penis is in working order. You'll have to stroke. Of course, she'll play with herself too, so you feel more comfortable! You've never had a checkup like this, but it's an interesting one. You'll have to cum for Step-Mommy. She needs to make sure you're healthy in all areas. Oh! And she needs to eat some of that cum... She knows what "healthy cum" tastes like, definitely.

Masturbation Taboo JOI Strip Tease Nurse


Dating A Fetish Actress

My love life is pretty crazy, and at this point it's basically nonexistent. I've had some relationships since I've been in the adult industry, but only two with men since I got into the fetish world. It's hard to explain this work to someone who thinks they want to date a "porn star". It's not the same. I decide to discuss this a bit, how I feel being in these relationships, and also go into what being a fetish "actress" really means to me.

Dirty Talk Confessions


Cum On My Fucking Face

Mmmm let me tell you how to stroke, and where you're going to bust. I'm going to strip down for you, touch my body for you, play with myself... and then, you know exactly what to do. Cum all over my fucking slut face! I want that hot jizz busting across my lips, nose, eyes, hair... everywhere! Make sure you coat my face with your hot cream - YES, BABY! Come right up to me and BLOW! Mmmm!

Dirty Talk Mouth Fetish Cumshots Cum Swallower


Coin Toss

Well, you finally convinced me to the idea of a baby. I think it's going to be great for us all around, don't you? I'm sort of in a little dilemma over the details though. As you know, I'm almost entirely sexual with my lover, whereas we rarely have sex anymore. Who will be the one to give me this baby? Would it be you, my dear husband, or my lover, the one who does the job right every time? Let's not forget that you only produce dribbles of cum when you pop, and it's so uneventful to that point. Hm. Let's toss a coin, and we'll see who really wins this.... 50/50 chance. Don't worry, even if he wins, you'll still have your chance inside me - but remember, those little cummies will have to work really hard to beat the cups full that my lover will be able to give me.

Cuckolding Impregnation Hot Wife SPH Rejection


Cock Mold

Honey... that was... not a very good attempt. If I tell you that I'm close, you should at least try to hold off for another minute or so. I mean, you do try, but I'm just not satisfied. I know that we've had conversations about it, and now I have a wonderful hunk of a man to please me. There's still one little problem... you and I are still having sex and it's not doing ME any good. With that said, I think I'm ready to show you something. You should be open to this, as it will definitely please me. My boyfriend and I didn't fuck last time we got together... instead, we went to a shop and had a mold of his cock made. All 9 inches. You're all finished up for the night, but I think I've got a good cum in me to bring out still. So I'm just going to get this done... mmm... Watch me fuck myself with it, and picture it - this is exactly what he does to me. Oh, fuck yes!

Masturbation Cuckolding Hot Wife Rejection Big Dick


Clearly Not Satisfied

Your wife assures you that the sex was perfect, that she's happy with you and everything is just fine. Her tone is a bit questionable, but she loves you and you are settled with that thought. Sometimes you wonder if she's faking it, but her words remind you that you are doing a great job. She rolls over to sleep... As you drift off, you sense your wife getting out of bed. While the thought to drift back to sleep comes first, you decide to be a little pervert and keep your eyes in on your wife instead. You are suddenly hard, wanting to just leap up and take her again. You're surprised to see that she's sitting on the edge of the bath tub now... masturbating, moaning a little but also trying not to be too loud. This is meant to be a private moment. It's very clear to you now, why she's doing this... she has to finish the job herself because you failed.

Masturbation Cuckolding Hot Wife Rejection


Chastity Plans with Step-Mom

I’m aware of all the boners you've been getting since you hit puberty. Think of how embarrassing it will be when the school year starts. How will you hide your boners? Kids get picked on for being hard all the time, and you really are hard most of the day. It's a bit ridiculous, and it will only curse you. Do you want a solution? Your Step-Mom has one. I ordered a special chastity device online. You will be locked away in the device a good chunk of the time. You will be able to cum, just once, every morning, before school. Before your special gift gets here, and prior to the school year beginning, we will practice how your days will go. I'm going to tell you how to build up your cum, blow it, and clean it up. You won't regret your new daily system for keeping those pesky boners away. Your Step-Mom will walk you through your school day in all of your wildest fantasies... You will close your eyes and imagine young, hot girls in skimpy skirts with no bra... bending over... reaching up... teasing. And lucky for you, you won't have to worry about a boner arising at school. Let's get that out of your system now.

Taboo JOI Chastity Orgasm Control


Before and After Lipstick

I used to really hate my lips. They aren't really big, and they aren't particularly special looking. However, I've grown to love them as I learned more about shaping them with lipstick. It's so much fun to dress them up! Check out my before, during, and after look as I mess with my favorite liner, matte, and gloss.

Confessions Mouth Fetish Lipstick


Ivy's 30th Birthday Q&A

I answer a boat load of questions in my cute Birthday dress! Answering dirty questions is so much fun, and I hope you enjoy hanging out with me during this badass day - my 30th Birthday! Some of the questions that I answer, all beginning with "Have you ever...": ... taken a pregnancy test? ... lied about your age? ... been hit on someone who was "too" old? ... sunbathed partially or totally naked? ... had sex with a person whose name you didn't know? ... been caught fooling around by a parent or a sib? ... gotten arrested?

Dirty Talk Confessions Taboo Sex Ed


Touching Nubs

Mmmm it's so nice to have a friend who is just like me - missing limbs! We rub our nubs together, touch them, kiss them, and giggle about how sweet it is to know someone who has the same limbs missing.

Cock Tease Confessions Girl-Girl Amputee


The Disgusting Dater

Basically, my friends are making me create some stupid dating profile video. I'm going to be real here. I'm not looking to date you. This is about fucking. I'm pretty gross, let's be super real here. If you're ready to get down with this, you'll have to be all good with a really gross chick. I sh*t, piss, skip some showers, hate makeup, and I LOVE burping... I mean, I'm like anybody. I've been with guys who think they're somehow better than me because THEY can burp, but I can't do it? What's up with that? How pathetic, little dicked dude. If you're uncomfortable with a woman burping? Oh, lord... get over yourself. If we're going to be fucking, you have to be totally cool with it. This dating profile video is just a way to show you how I really am - I'm gross. I'm also cool. So, what's up?

Cock Tease Mouth Fetish GFE Burping


Teaching You

You're brought into the kitchen by your Step-Mother, and see that your Aunt is also standing in front of you. The house is empty otherwise. You feel like something is up... The ladies decide to tell you what's going on. Your porn stash has been found, and they want you to see what women really look like, so you're not used to the ladies you see in porn. Slowly, they both take off their clothes, explaining how it is to be with a women, what you would be doing, and how their bodies vary. You see the beauty of the female body before you, even if it is from your Step-Mom and Aunt!

Taboo Momma's Boy JOI Sisters Girl-Girl Sex Ed

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Stubbly Pits, Hairy Pussy

Just a few days, and I've got so much stubble under my arms! My hairy grows so quickly, and I know how much you love it when I'm just a little fuzzy under my arms. I also know how much you love my big HAIRY bush. It's so long, months of growth now! Gawk over my sexy pits and bush. I'm showing them off, just for you.

Cock Tease Hairy Bush Panty Fetish Armpits


Sticky Pussy Pops

Popping bubble gum on pussy is so much fun! I just love being up close and personal, right in front of a lovely pussy. Bianca is the perfect volunteer for this one! We giggle and talk a bit, as I'm blowing bubble gum on her wet pussy. POP!

Confessions Bubble Gum Girl-Girl Pussy Eating Laughing

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Squirting Encouragement and Explosion

The sexiest thing ever is a woman who can squirt, and it's so much fun to see legs shake, pussy pulse, mouth open wide with moans... Bianca is a hot squirter, and she needs some encouragement to get to that point. Spreading her legs, Ivy inserts a toy and talks dirty to Bianca. She tells her how much she wants that hot squirt on her body. That hot, creamy squirt... mmmm... All of the playful buildup and encouragement brings Bianca to an explosive squirt all over Ivy!

Masturbation Vibrator Girl-Girl Squirting Encouragement

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Shhh... Masturbating Under Blankets

You've had fantasies before, seeing a girl in her bed... hiding from the world... but enjoying herself. Still, she's hiding it in her room even, under the covers. It makes it that much dirty that the whole idea is that she's under the covers, JUST in case someone walks in on her. This is how I'm feeling, hiding under my covers during the day - just so horny that I can't help but masturbate when I have the time. Still though, you never know if someone might walk in on you. It's just so naughty!

Masturbation Orgasms Vibrator


Seriously Ticklish

Ever since I was a child, ANY kind of attempt to tickle me makes me absolutely crazy. My parents knew that the best way to get me giggling was to tickle me. I decide to open up my naked body to Bianca, so she can find my ticklish spots and make me wild with laughter. There aren't very many spots that aren't ticklish, and she finds them all pretty quickly. It's uncontrollable, and she just loves watching me squirm!

Girl-Girl Armpits Tickling Laughing

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Press To Pop

After inflating 10 balloons to the point of popping with my legs crossed at the edge of the bed, I pop each of them. I pop one by sitting on it until it pops, and all the rest are done by stepping on them with my lovely feet. I press down on them hard, feet arched. It's a bit of a struggle at first to press them to this point without moving, but I eventually get the hang of it. POP! Enjoy :)

Balloons Blow To Pop Balloons Foot Fetish Barefoot


Pleasure Time

Ivy and Bianca just LOVE pussy, and what better way to seal our friendship than to play with each other! This clip includes sexy pussy eating, squirting, fingering, toys, titty play, and strap on fucking! Orgasms galore! It's the best of all worlds! Your cock will be popping with glee in no time.

Girl-Girl Pussy Eating Strap-On Fuck Strap-On Squirting

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Pillow Fight

Bianca and Ivy aren't sure what they want to do this evening. However, mid-sentence, Bianca swats Ivy in the face with a pillow! The naughty pillow fighting ensues as the girls accept that their night doesn't need to be anything but just good old-fashioned naked girl fun! Bouncing tits, giggling girls, fantastical pillow fight - all that you could ever ask for, huh!

Bitchy Girl-Girl Pillow Fight

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Our Lovely Pits

Look at our lovely armpits! Freshly shaven, soft and moist, fresh - sweet pits. We talk about our routine, about things we like about our pits, and show you them up close and personal.

Confessions Girl-Girl Armpits

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Making Our Step-Brother Hard

You walk in on your step-sisters, and are shocked at what they're wearing. It's not something you do normally, just walk in their room. You're surprised to see that they are dressed pretty skimpy, and your dick gets hard so fast - you can't help yourself! Ivy finally notices you, alerting Bianca to your presence. They both scrunch up their noses, totally thrown off at your being there. They notice your hard dick pretty quickly, and it isn't long before they respond accordingly. At first, they are grossed out, kind of nervous about the whole thing. But then... they can't help but be curious... Take off your pants, they say. You're busting out of your zipper!

Cock Tease Dirty Talk Taboo JOI Sisters Girl-Girl

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Carry My Baby

Ivy has been trying to have a baby for a while now, but it would seem that after all of that hard work it isn't happening. She can't have a baby. Her husband is fine, but she will never be able to carry a child. Her step-sister Bianca really feels for her, wants to be there for her... but at what cost? The realization that she can't have a child leaves Ivy in a strange state of mind, one of determination. She is DESPERATE. Only one thing can really fix this - someone else needs to carry her husbands seed and ultimately, their baby. What better person than someone who is related to her? Bianca is NOT interested, however, and Ivy eventually lets it go... or so Bianca is led to believe. Ivy brings her step-sister a gift - a pearl necklace. This isn't just any necklace though, it is one of magic. The necklace will knock her step-sister out completely, leaving her body limp but her ears open so she can hear what's going on. Bianca could never have seen what was coming... as Ivy strips her of her panties, fucks her to stretch and loosen her pussy, and fills her completely with her husbands hot cum loads that have been saved inside a condom from just before Ivy arrived. There's no way out of this, Bianca WILL be carrying Ivy's baby.

Taboo Impregnation Sisters Magic Girl-Girl Limp

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Loving Her Belly Button

Look at this cute little belly button! Bianca has just the sweetest little hole on her belly. It's so lovely, I just want to lick it and poke at it, and rub on and around it.

Confessions Belly Fetish Girl-Girl Belly Button

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Jumping Girls

Jump! Jump! Jump! Watch our tits fly around as we jump on the couch like naughty k*ds! We aren't able to totally jump the whole time, so you can also watch us fall and giggle, pick on ourselves and push our bodies to jump MORE because it's so much fun!

Girl-Girl Jumping Bouncing Tits

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Ice Cold Edging For Step-Mom

Hey honey, you remember how I taught you to jerk off for me? You have gotten so good at that! Go ahead and take off your pants and start. Today I am going to teach you about edging and icing. Get yourself hard for Step-Mommy. You know just how to do that, don't you? Good boy. Do you want to cum? Not yet. See this bowl of ice? Come closer... Stand still while I push your balls into the bowl. Oh! I know, I know it doesn't feel good. All that cold ice freezing your balls. Oh! Just breathe, breathe... Let me count. 3... 2... 1... I'll take the bowl back. Now its time for you to get hard again for Step-Mommy. Let me show you my pussy. This edging and icing will go on for a little while, dear. Soon enough, your cock stays hard even as your balls get numb. This is just perfect!

Dirty Talk Taboo Momma's Boy Hairy Bush JOI CBT Edging


Hiccups Outside

Hiccups tend to come for me when I'm very busy. Today was no exception! However, I decided to step outside and enjoy the weather with some hiccups to record for you :)

Exhibitionist Mouth Fetish Hiccups


Her Cute Nose

Bianca has such a cute nose, and I just love to play with it! I squish it, say it's a cute piggy nose, pinch it, and pull it up. It makes fun noises and pulls her lip up in such a funny, sexy way! I love her cute nose.

Confessions Nose Pinching Nose

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Help! I'm Stuck!

There is a super cute corset that I just have to wear out. Getting it on can be an issue sometimes... though... hmm... yeah... oh, gosh... I'm stuck! HELP! Bianca comes to see what's happening, but she can't help but laugh at this situation. After some time poking fun and twirling me around to see how bad it is, she tries to help. It's not as easy as it looks though, and it takes her quite a bit of effort...

Damsel In Distress Girl-Girl Stuck Corset

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Flashing You Outside

Standing outside on a busy street is so much more fun when you can play around and be a cock tease! Such a pity you can't be outside on the balcony with us, but it's just as good a view for you where you are in the kitchen. You can see us lift our skirts and tops, showing you what you're missing out on!

Exhibitionist Upskirt Flashing Girl-Girl

Featuring: Bianca Baker


Burping Competition with Bianca Baker

One of my favorite things to do is have burping competitions! In previous competitions, I WIN. I'm really into burping, love the feeling of the drink going down my throat and building up for a big burp. While my enthusiasm for this fetish makes winning even more fun, I find that Bianca Baker is an amazing competitor... and I begin to doubt my skills pretty early on!

Mouth Fetish Burping Girl-Girl Competition

Featuring: Bianca Baker


You Can Do Better, POP

We've been friends a long time. We've both dated, and we usually hate each others partners. You've never liked anyone I dated, and I never like who you date. That's all good and fine, but this new girl you're with tops the list of worst girlfriends you've had ever. You seem so happy, but I need to be honest with you. This woman makes me want to scream. She's so irritating. So terrible. This brings me to my main point - POP - you could do so much better. Way better. POP. I'm talking a lifetime of a better choice in girlfriends. You know what I'm getting at with all this? POP. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable, but we've always connected and I want you to know what I'm thinking. Sure, I have some habits that maybe irritate you - POP - but overall, we're a good pair. Of course, I can't do anything for you while you're with someone, but... I just want you to know that you can do better. So much better. POP.

Cock Tease Bubble Gum Chewing Panty Fetish GFE


Wandering Mind

When I come back inside from smoking, I truly try to stay on task. I wasn't exactly sure what kind of conversation I had planned, but it was all out the window after I smoked. I discuss the pipe that I use, how it needs replacing, and my current smoking tendencies. Then I get seriously distracted when I see my tits on the screen. I'm totally in love with my body as this is filming, and it's clear that I can't really focus on anything but my body. I show off my tits in this shirt and talk about how sexy my panties are, which I haven't worn in a long time. You'll see me posing a lot, kind of flirting with the camera and myself a lot. This is totally a window into how I respond when I smoke a bit more than normal.

Cock Tease Dirty Talk Confessions Panty Fetish 420


Virgin Pervet Gets Short-Lived Release

It's time to check in with your therapist, Doctor Starshyne. She's so pleased with you and your progress in your chastity. Congratulating you, she says you may just be ready to get out in the real world again. You are finally unlocked from your device! She will begin the testing to see if you are indeed still a filthy virgin pervert. It doesn't take long before you're dreaming about your sexy therapist again... She uses trigger words to see your response, and you can't help but find her in certain positions, stripping, touching herself... All of these dreamy fantasies feel so real... and it's clear to her that you haven't made much progress. More time in chastity is needed, but you will get one final cum before your extended lockup. She definitely doesn't want busted up blue balls on her record.

JOI Chastity SPH Mindfuck Therapist


Turning Into A Real Brother

Your sisters voice is so deep now... she's not a girl anymore, anyway... Well, she's been taking pills to be more of a man. You can't help but call your sister a girl, because that's what she has always been. You grew up hitting her and messing around, being a real jerk. She took it all in stride, but apparently she's been holding onto it. You definitely don't have a sister now - this is DEFINITELY a brother, and he's about to take you to the edge of the bed and squash you under his ass.

Taboo Ass Fetish Smothering Gender Transform Smell Fetish


Those Tight Pants

These pants are VERY tight. However, they're also very comfortable. They are some of the most comfortable pants that I have, and I'd love to share the perfect view of them with you.

Cock Tease Ass Fetish Camel Toe


The Urge To Touch Myself

You're peeping on your neighbor after gassing her with a magic substance that makes women crazy horny. She's trying to figure the smell out, breathing it all in a while before she slips out for a quick second. Upon waking up, as if she'd been out for hours, she sees you standing there. You're being called out for doing this to her, and she says she's going to call the police on you. Her mind wanders quickly though as she gets hornier... She tries to fight the fact that you're just staring at her, but she can't help herself... Grabbing her tits, rubbing her body all over, she HAS to take off her clothes and play with herself. It worked! Your magic gas worked on your sexy neighbor! Finally, you see what you've always wanted to see. After she cums, but before she can calm down and call for help from you, she slips out again so you can leave. It will all seem like a dream...

Masturbation Cock Tease Hairy Bush Magic


The Fishnet Panties

These panties have been around a while, and if you've been a follower for a while, maybe you know them already. It's been a LONG time since I put them on again, telling myself they were too old and worn for videos. Well, I don't think so anymore. I actually LOVE the look. They have a different look to them, but they are still super sexy and I have to show them off.

Cock Tease Confessions Ass Fetish Panty Fetish Tease


Stripping For My Love

Hey babe, long day at work... You have wine out for me? You are such a darling, so good to me. I hate that I'm so exhausted when I come home from work. I think that's why I've been thinking about you all day, and thinking about how I can make it up to you. I knew you'd be here, ready to take care of me... but let me do something for you. Yes, I know I'm tired from work. You got me through the day though. I may have thought of a special way to get you excited, without me having to do something too strenuous after work. What do I do every day? I strip down. Today though, I've added a little something special underneath all of this.

Cock Tease Hairy Bush GFE Strip Tease Lingerie


Shared Bed Noises

I can't believe he's laying right there... my husband... your brother... He isn't even worried about us being right next to each other. He trusts us both so much, huh? So nice of him to let you stay with us. I've been thinking about you, and the last time we were together. Your brother is good to me, but he's terrible in bed. Shhh... You though, you are... just what I've always wanted. I feel like I haven't been properly fucked in months. It's true - it's been since we last saw each other. You should feel how wet I am, thinking about the last time we were together. Can you hear it? Can you hear how wet I am? I hope it doesn't wake him up, to have you fingering me before you slip inside my dripping pussy.

Dirty Talk Cuckolding ASMR Hot Wife GFE Cheating


Saying The Wrong Thing

Baby, you're pretty much the best at taking care of me... but you did get me way too out of it. You know you did, because here I am - way too out of it - because of you, and I know WHY you did it. You know why, because it's always the same. Baby, we're not having sex tonight though. It's not happening. I'm TOO out of it. Too fucked up. But I love you... What? What did you say? Wait, are you trying to make me feel bad? You want me to feel bad after YOU got me like this? You wouldn't have wined and dined me unless I fucked you? See, that's why we have problems in our relationship, asshole. I guess if we're going to be honest and shit, I bet let you know how I feel... I guess I need to tell you then, your dick SUCKS. It's pretty much the worst dick I've had. The only reason we're still together is because I thought you were a good guy. I mean, you do have money, but that's a whole other thing. We're being honest here, right? I can't believe you. You're such an ass. These two fingers know how to fuck me better than your dick. See this hairy, wet cunt? Yeah, you're gonna miss out on it now. Now that I'm horny, you'll miss out on it because of your rude ass behavior. These fingers will get all sorts of excitement. When your dick is like that, you should have other skills. Sad for you, huh.

Cock Tease Hot Wife SPH Rejection


Ruining Your Life

Expelled. Expelled from school for smoking, of all things. Smoking a cigarette at school. Okay, let's put aside the fact that the school is completely full of shit. When I was a kid in school, getting caught meant you would get a slap on the wrist and move on with your life. Even before me, kids smoked in school - whatever. Now? You're being expelled. Like I said, it's a stupid fucking rule. It's still a rule. You were aware of this rule when you decided to light that fucking cigarette. Right? Right? You knew. No dispute there. You know what that makes you? A fucking IDIOT. There's the dilemma. You're a fucking dumbass. No getting around it, you're an idiot. Maybe you should just light up a whole pack right now, rid yourself from the world a little early. For my sake. Yeah, light a whole pack up - do it. Pop them all in your mouth. I'd love to not have to look at your face anymore - cancer would be a fucking Godsend.

Dirty Talk Taboo Momma's Boy FemDom


Pussy Hair For Honeymoon

How exciting that we're on our honeymoon already! Everything with you has been so perfect - our relationship has been a dream. And now here we are, so in love and spending time together as a married couple now. You had some opinions when we first met, about women with a shaved pussy. You believed that those women must have been loose, and you were right. As you know, I was quite the little slut before we met. I've let it grow though... and I wanted to make sure it was perfect for this very moment. People had me believing that shaving was prettier somehow. I know now that this is not true - I'm all natural now, and feel so good about myself. I've let myself grow out so long, several months now - and you want to see, don't you? I bet you want to feel it, hm? Let me grab this toy and show you exactly how perfect this hairy pussy is, just for you.

Masturbation Dirty Talk Hairy Bush Hot Wife Glass Dildo


Popping Possibilities

You know, I imagine you purchase clips with the hope that you'll feel relieved in some way. Sometimes it doesn't happen. This clip could go one way or the other. No guarantees. You're hoping for that big bust, explosion of cum - maybe this will be it. You should get your cock out, stroke it, and wonder if this is one of those clips. It's hard, I'm sure, when you've been going about your business, hoping not to cum over anything you see out on the street. You don't have massively full balls YET, but your dick wants to pop - even just a little. Over the period of the day though, you continue seeing things that make you more and more full... So full, like a big balloon. Have you thought about what would happen if you just... POPPED though? I'm not saying this balloon will pop, but it might. I have no control really. You build up something more with your daily activities, and the littlest things might... Yikes, what if YOUR BALLS JUST EXPLODED. Literally. All over the walls. One slip of the heel, the littlest extra pressure from the toe of my heel... BLUE BALLS gone bad.

Dirty Talk Balloons FemDom CBT Ballbusting


Playing With Balloons

There's one really great thing about being in the fetish world - I get to try all sorts of new things! Granted, I've messed with some balloons before, but this time seemed different - it had been so long, and I've got this seriously crazy long bush! Rubbing the balloon against my wet clit feels so good! You know what would feel even better? POPPING balloons on my pussy!

Masturbation Hairy Bush Balloons Panty Fetish


Not A Chance, Buddy

Movies, maybe? What do you think we should do this weekend? Yeah... I'm not with my boyfriend anymore. I'm so in and out of relationships, I decided it wasn't a big deal to tell you. Don't worry about it. He was being an ass, a cheater of course - they all are, huh... I've been thinking though, about you and me. Why haven't we dated? I know there's a risk when friends date, because it could fuck up the friendship. Why have we not dated though? Isn't our friendship strong enough that we can last through some bullshit? We'd be doing exactly what we do already, but add sex to it. We've never had sex before, but it's not like we could fuck that up! We should have sex. Screw the movie, let's have sex. Come on and get over here - you can peel my panties off, hehe! Oh... wait... no... oh, no... this is... no good... Fucking Christ, it's stupid tiny! I've never seen a cock that tiny before. Well, I've changed a diaper once. Fuck. Well, show me what you got - just stroke it, and show me everything you've got going. Do it quickly though, I'm not sure I can stand to watch it for much longer.

Dirty Talk JOI Bitchy SPH Rejection


Naked Under The Covers

Do you see me under here? Can you think of what my body looks like under the covers? Hm. How is your memory? When did you last see me naked? Probably recently, but... how great is your imagination? Look at the curves under the blanket, the way you can see the indent where my pussy is... my flat chest when I'm on my back... I love to tease you.

Cock Tease Dirty Talk GFE


Naked Underneath My Coat

When I got this Doctor Who coat, I was in love. It's so perfect, so smooth on the inside, soft on the outside... the best coat. Even better when I can wear it naked! Feeling the inside rub against my naked body feels so good. Oh, you want a glimpse? Hmmm I may have to tease you a bit first, because the insides of this coat aren't for everyone to see :)

Cock Tease Hairy Bush Tease Flashing


Loving Doll

This doll is so soft, so special to me. He feels so good against my skin. I'm so lonely, it's nice to have something I can hold onto... hug like a baby... caress like a special person... close to me... head buried in my pussy for just a moment...

Taboo Momma's Boy Doll Fetish


Let's Talk Permanent Chastity

You've been locked up for such a long time, haven't you? I've gotten so used to seeing your cock locked up, I barely remember what it was like before. It's almost like you BELONG there, in chastity. I've been telling myself that. Even though it was just experimental, it seems like it's worked out, hasn't it? It's just so much more appealing. I've been thinking... maybe... you should just stay locked up. Your cock is obviously perfectly fine not being exposed. I've never been happier! I get all the attention I could want, all the toys used for my pleasure. You get some enjoyment, and lucky you don't even have to touch yourself! As long as I don't have to see anything, I'm fine. I can use my imagination. I can think about what's beneath that device, whatever I want to think about it. I can think big fat cock, even if it's not true. We're so creative, doing this. You like seeing me happy. I like seeing you in that device. Do you like hearing my pussy get wetter than its ever been? Of course you do. Something you never heard when you pulled your cock out... Listen to how soaked my pussy is as I make an appeal for you to stay in there forever.

Masturbation Hairy Bush Chastity Hot Wife SPH


Her Failed Birthday Plans

Ivy had the perfect plan laid out for her Birthday evening - her friends would come over to her house, the floor covered in balloons, and take shots with their bestie. Ivy even spent quite a bit of time blowing up balloons, only to be occasionally interrupted by phone calls.. as her friends cancelled on her. Oh my... Ivy is bummed out, but continues blowing balloons because at least her boyfriend will be coming! ... Well, it would seem that isn't happening either. She receives that final phone call, and realizes that no one will be coming - not even her loving boyfriend. He's out now, no way will she accept that sort of disrespect. Out of pure frustration and having drank quite a bit at this point, Ivy lets out her anger on the balloons she blew up - grabbing something pointy on the sly and slaughtering them.

Balloons Mouth Fetish Bitchy


Her Angry Chewing

What are you doing here? Look, you're late to my party. Way too late, actually. Birthday failure. Party failure. Whatever. I guess you're not such a great friend. POP. You're terrible. Like, the worst. I can't handle you right now. "Best friend". Ha. You can give any excuse you want. You missed my fucking party. And I'm mad. That's that. I'm so over you right now. Why are you still here? POP. Is your dick hard? Oh jeez... My friends are perverts. What are you so excited about, ass hole? I can't believe your dick is hard. POP. Here I am, worrying about you on my Birthday. Sigh. Whatever is getting you excited, embrace it - finish yourself off so you can be done with this shit and go home. Go on, do it.

Cock Tease Bubble Gum Chewing Mouth Fetish Bitchy


Great Orgasms of 2016 Compile

2016 was a great year for orgasms, and an even better year because I got so many of them recorded for your viewing pleasure. In this compilation, you'll see the last 60-120 seconds of orgasms from clips of mine in 2016. This does not include every single one, but you'll get your share of moaning, shaking, pulsing, and creamy pussy to make your dick very, very happy.

Masturbation Compilation Hairy Bush Orgasms Vibrator


Fill Mom's Panties Up

Fuck our Step-Mom! All I did was tell her I need to go out this weekend, and she says no. For weeks, she won't let me go out. She's such a cunt, right? Goddamn, she acts like I'm going out and causing trouble. Well, I guess most of the time I am, but it's not like she knows that. There's just one thing I can think of to settle this - we need to get the Step-Mom out of here. Permanently. HE is cool, but our Step-Mom needs to get the fuck out of my business, out of my life. What could we do that's really fucked up? It would have to be really bad, since he loves her so much. Something real bad... Okay, the only thing I could think is if she cheated on him. He'd never forgive that. We could get some guys to fuck with her until she finally gives in, but... well, this could take months. We need her out NOW. This is what we need to do... You're gonna have to jack off into dearest Step-Mom's panties and put them on his pillow. He would freak out! It would be like she's rubbing it in her face. She'd be gone so fast. You and I? Perfect life. Don't tell me you won't do it. Fucking put those fucking panties on, this is happening. You've worn them before too, haven't you? Ha! Your dick is rock hard, you're loving this. Go ahead and jerk off. We need to make sure they're SOAKED, full of cum. You'll have to stroke it inside the panties. Do as I fucking say, or I'll just tell HIM you're being a fucking pervert wearing Step-Mom's panties, freak.

Taboo JOI FemDom Sisters Panty Fetish


FemiNazi Smothers Your Fuck Face

Here you are again... I swear, men like you - you know, cis white scum of the Earth men GAG... I really can't stand you. There's something about you that makes me want to hurl. Your ugly fucking face. Your nasty ass body. Ugh, hairy and... gag... Every little thing that any woman on the street does makes you rock hard. Know why? You're a fucking PERVERT. It's disgusting. How do you break a pervert of their nasty habits? Sure, I could talk to you all day, but I have a better idea. You might think you like it at first, but you won't like it for very long. I'm going to sit right on your fuckface, and that'll be the end of at least ONE pervert.

Ass Fetish FemDom Smothering Jeans Fetish Face Sitting


Warm Fleece, Hot Cum

Your friend walks in to bring you a planner you left in her car earlier. She has changed, and your staring. Not only is she wearing a sexy pair of yoga pants, she's also in a warm, fluffy fleece. Your cock hops at the pink sweater hugging her body. Her tits are perked up high in it, and the cleavage is making it all the more hot. She has been talking about errands, but you missed it. It's noticeable, and she tells you to be honest with her. What are you looking at? You admit to your fleece fetish. She's curious. It doesn't end there though, and you also admit to have a cum eating fetish. This one grosses her out a bit, but the curiosity is still there. She wants to see your collection of fleeces, and asks that you put on an outfit similar to the one she has on. She talks more about the fact that you jack off to women in fleece and she gives you her opinion on it. The excitement over you eating your cum is there now, but you need to edge a bit to build up a massive cum load to shoot in your mouth. She KNOWS you have a cock ring, being kind of a pervert, and demands you put it on. From there, she counts down from 20 for the big finale.

Cock Tease Dirty Talk CEI JOI Sweater Fetish


Colorful Bath Tease

My first bath bombs! I just love taking baths, but it's even more exciting when I can take a lovely colorful bath that smells fabulous. This bath bomb makes the water a pretty pale blue. Coupled with the candles that came in the box, I'm enjoying a great bath. It makes me want to play a bit, rub myself and relax.

Masturbation Bathtub Hairy Bush


Bubble Gum Vibe Play

Gum blowing, popping, and a cute vibrator being shoved inside my pussy? Get on it! This is super sexy goodness for your gum-loving cock.

Masturbation Bubble Gum Chewing Hairy Bush Mouth Fetish


Blowing Up Balloons

Pulling a balloon up to my lips, I blow inside of it... pushing the air from my lungs to fill it up. Fill that balloon up, make it super big - as it should be. Blowing. Blowing. Smiling at you.

Cock Tease Hairy Bush Balloons Mouth Fetish


Adoption For Her Own Needs

These last few months have been pretty great. We've had a couple issues, but your Dad and I - can I call him your Dad? - understand that adoption at your age is a little harder to handle. We've had a couple issues, but overall, you seem to be adjusting fairly well. You were brought up in a pretty rough neighborhood, so this is probably so weird, right? White parents?! Yes, this must be so strange, indeed. I really feel close to you though. I feel like a Mom to you. I feel like a loving, caring, supportive Mother. I want to be there for you, across the board. We live in a world with racial turmoil, but you need to know that I just love everything about you. Everything. Don't ever feel used or abused. If anything, you are so... so needed... in this home. I personally have really needed you. In. Every. Way. Mentally, financially... sexually. I could really use you right now, and you are definitely more than welcome to use me whenever you want.

Masturbation Taboo Momma's Boy Hairy Bush BBC