Custom Content

What can I expect?

Send me an email with the details of your custom video, what you're looking for in a personal clip, and any dialogue you must-have! From there, I'll let you know if it sounds good, what the total will be, how to pay, and an estimated delivery date.

How much will this cost? How do I pay?

A typical custom video is 10 minutes in length, and costs $100. You can order as many minutes as you'd like! It will be $10 per minute, with discounts typically given with clips longer than 30 minutes. You have a few options for payment: ManyVids, IndieBill, or CamModelDirectory.

Can you say my name?

Sure! If you'd like your named said in a custom video, it will be $100. If you additionally would like this clip to not be resold anywhere and have it be strictly your clip, it will be an another $100. During specials, there will never be discounts for these types of clips.

When will I receive my custom video?

You'll get a more specific day in our email communications. With the Coronavirus affecting my regular routines currently, my delivery window is wider at 3-4 weeks. I will always do my best to keep you in the loop as your clip progresses.

What info do you need from me?

In either the order form or in your email to me, I'd like to get all the details! How long of a clip are you looking for ultimately? What is the general catergory for this clip? Any specific dialogue you really want in it? Any camera angle you prefer? What's the gist? Want to leave certain things up to me to branch off from? Let's do it!

Ready to get started?

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