Custom Content

What can I expect?

Send me an email with the details of your custom video, what you're looking for in a personal clip, and any dialogue you must-have! From there, I'll let you know if it sounds good, what the total will be, how to pay, and an estimated delivery date.

How much will this cost?

A typical custom video is 10 minutes in length, and costs $100. 

Can you say my name?

Sure! Exclusive clips (that I will not be able to resell, are against certain sites rules and can't be publicly posted, use specific names or details, etc.) will have an additional fee tacked on, starting from $100. During specials, there are no discounts for exclusive clips.

When will I receive my custom video?

You'll get a more specific day, usually delivered by end of a week. It's safe to say you will have it between 7-10 days.

Are there any specials?

Check Here

Ready to get started?

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