Special Offers

It's beginning to look a lot like BOGO!

  • Give me a present? Get a present! Buy one clip, get one FREE! Order it right here: Contact Me.
    • Additional Information: Your free, second clip must be the same length as your first clip, or shorter if preferred. This deal also does not extend to exclusive clips that cannot be resold. You cannot stack deals on this, if you have another one from previous custom purchases with me. Sorry!

Toys at every store!

  • Discounts on compilation clips at Clips4Sale!
  • 50% OFF at ManyVids all month long!
  • If you vote for me at the ManyVids contest, you can get 2 any videos for $10!

The prettiest site to see... on your own front door!

Deals on top of the BOGO deal:

  • Add $25 - get a KISS. What's a kiss? It's a personalized, 3-minute exclusive video just for you! I film them on my phone (horizontally) and like them to feel very much like a special girlfriend experience you can say is all yours! Names and special verbiage or dialogue included!
  • Add $50 - get a KISS and my exclusive Christmas e-photo set. What's in the photo set? You're getting 26 photos of me being cute, sweet, naughty, nasty in front of the Christmas tree. This set is exclusive to deals only with just 2 out of 26 photos used promotionally.
  • Add $100 - you're getting all the above, plus a signed photo and a pair of panties or pantyhose in the mail! Just cruise my store and pick the ones you'd like, I'll let you know if they're still available. We will also double check that shipping is covered in this beforehand, depending on your shipping address.

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